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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) at OU Physicians offers the broadest range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for complicated pregnancies anywhere in the state. These tools include specialized (a.k.a. detailed or level 2) ultrasound, fetal echocardiography, genetic counseling, amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, cordocentesis, fetal transfusion, fetal stents, and transvaginal or transabdominal cerclage. Our growing multidisciplinary team offers the full range of MFM services from consults to co-management to full prenatal care and delivery.

Currently, we have eight MFM physicians, and a ninth joins us in July 2021. Non-physician faculty include one PhD, a DNP, and a genetic counselor. We have an ACGME-accredited MFM fellowship with three fellows. Other staff include but are not limited to 15 registered medical diagnostic sonographers, five nurse practitioners, two diabetes educators, and a perinatal nurse navigator. We work closely with our patients, support staff, and adult and pediatric specialists to develop the best available treatment plans.