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Surgical Experience

As you compare programs, you will, no doubt be interested in the surgical experience you will have.  Our program is providing you with the surgical experience recorded by our graduating six residents in both obstetrics and gynecology from June 2019.  This only includes those cases primarily performed by the resident in the role of surgeon.  It does not include cases where the resident served as an assistant.  Our goal is to maintain our surgical experience at or above the national average for complex procedures and at the national average for more straightforward procedures.  Over the last 15 years, our department has grown significantly.  This has brought more volume and complexity to our surgical caseload.  As a result, the actual numbers of procedures residents could perform is greater than the number actually performed.  This allows us to select more complex cases for residents thereby developing a very strong surgical skill set.  While residents are always welcome to participate in the care of all patients, having faculty provide less complex care without resident involvement preserves the balance of workload and education for our residents.  As you review the numbers, please remember that over this time, the Residency Review Committee has changed the data categories and now laparoscopic hysterectomy is no longer included with vaginal hysterectomy procedures.

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