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Chemical Dependency Seminar

The Chemical Dependency Seminar is a weekly, community based, educational program targeting a variety of mental health and healthcare professionals who provide prevention, medical and psychosocial treatment to individuals with substance use disorders. Through in person, synchronistic and asynchronistic presentations best practices and evidence-based evaluation and treatment methods are presented. Additionally, the program provides basic education related to the biopsychosocial aspects of substance use disorders.

Program Professional Practice Gaps:

  1. Oklahomans experience a high rate of substance use disorders and co-occuring behavioral health and medical problems. 
  2. Oklahoma lacks a behavioral health and healthcare workforce that is adequately trained and equipped to evaluate and treat substance use disorders. 
  3. In Oklahoma the dissemination and implementation of best practices and evidence-based substance use disorder prevention and treatment strategies has lagged other areas of the country. 

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Increase the rate behavioral health and healthcare providers implement best practices and evidence-based substance use disorder prevention and treatment strategies. 
  2. Increase the rate primary care providers identify substance use disorders in their practices. 
  3. Ensure behavioral health and healthcare providers understand the biopsychosocial nature of substance use disorders. 
  4. Stimulate education, practice, and workforce development in the field of substance use disorder prevention and treatment. 

Approved Continuing Education Provider

Attending Live Seminars for CEU Credit

Creating a CloudCME Account

The Chemical Dependency Seminar uses CloudCME platform for recording attendance, completing evaluations, and tracking CEUs at live seminars. If you plan to attend a live seminar for CEU credit, then you will need to first create a CloudCME account. To create a new CloudCME account click here and follow the instructions. 

Recording Attendance at Live Seminars

Recording your attendance when attending live seminars is important for getting CEU credit. Attendance will be recorded via text message. 

  • After you created your CloudCME account you will need to sign in and go to "My CME" at the top right side of the screen click on Profile
  • View and update your profile- it is important to provide your cell phone number. You will receive a five-digit activity code prior to the start of each seminar via email. You will text the five-digit activity code to a specific CME number in order to record your attendance. 
  • **Please Note-** On your profile, under profession, please select "Social Worker." As of now the CEU evaluation and certificate for the Chemical Dependency Seminar is attached to this professional title. 

Completing Evaluations

The online evaluation will be active at the end of the session. To complete the online evaluation: 

  • Log in here. A link will also be sent to your cell phone. 
  • Click on My CME
  • Click on Evaluations and Certificates
Once you have completed your evaluation, you will be able to print your CEU certificate. The certificate will be available to print and/or download for approximately two months. Credits will be available on a transcript, which you can access anytime on CME office website. 

Viewing Recorded Seminars for CEU Credit

How to view recorded seminars for CEU credit

  • You can view our recorded seminars through OUHSC Mediasite or the Chemical Dependency Seminar YouTube channel. 

OUHSC Mediasite

YouTube- Chemical Dependency Seminar

  • You will need to complete an evaluation, answer one test question from the presentation (question will be at the bottom of the evaluation) and email the completed evaluation back to Kelsey Henson to obtain your certificate and CEU credit.
  • To request evaluations, please email Kelsey Henson. Please include in your email the title of the presentation and date it was originally presented. 
  • You are able to submit evaluations and receive CEU credit for recorded seminars up to one year from the time they were recorded. 

Licensee's Responsibility

We suggest that the Licensee consult your individual Board to confirm their specific requirements for CEU credits. 


Kelsey Henson
Project Coordinator
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
920 Stanton L Young Blvd, Suite WP 3440
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Telephone: (405) 271-5121 x47663

Michael Brand, PhD, LCSW
Director, Chemical Dependency Seminar

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