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Application Information

Our program participates in the selection procedure as suggested by the Association of Psychology Internship Centers (APPIC). All site visits are on an invitation-only basis.

As an APPIC member, we use the standard AAPI (APPIC Application for Psychology Internship) on-line application process.  Each applicant is to submit a complete set of application materials to AAPI online. The application deadline is November 4.** Please note this is a change in the deadline. 

A fully completed application set includes;

1. Standard  On-line APPIC Application 
2. Letter of Interest
3. Three letters of recommendation
4. Official transcripts

In your letter of interest, which is part of the Standard online application, please indicate your funding source preference(s) out of those that we offer. Put this information in bold print near the top of your interest letter. During the interview day, candidates will have a general program orientation, meet with faculty from their funding source preference, and have an opportunity to learn more about the other emphasis areas. Having the exposure to the other emphasis areas will give the candidate the opportunity to learn more about non-preferred rotations, since all trainees are required to have assessment and therapy for adults and children. 

Note that we have 3 different funding sources. These funding sources are as follows:
1. Veterans Administration (General) - Match #151912 -4 positions
2. Veterans Administration (Neuropsychology) - Match #151913 -1 position
3. Clinical Neuropsychology - Match #151914 -2 positions
4. Child Clinical Psychology (Center for Child Abuse and Neglect/ Child Study Center) - Match #151915 -1 position
5. Pediatric Psychology/ Children's Hospital of Oklahoma - Match #151917-1 position
6. Integrated Behavioral Health - Match # 151911-3 positions
You can apply to any combination of the above funding sources. List your desired funding source(s) in bold print near the top of your interest letter. You will only be considered for the funding source(s) that you list in your letter of interest.

The name and address of the Intern Training Director:
Jim Scott, Ph.D., ABPP-CN
Director of Internship
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center/ OKC VA Internship Consortium
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
P. O. Box 26901, WP 3440
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73190-0901
A selection committee will be reviewing each application.   As we must limit the number of applicants who interview, all site visits are on an invitation-only basis. We normally notify all applicants selected for a site visit by December 7th. We normally complete all on-site interviews before February 1. We have Christmas holidays from December 24th through January 1st during which time we do not schedule visits. We normally schedule site visits at least two weeks in advance. Please plan to stay for most of the day. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes as the campus is large, and you will be taken on a tour of all funding areas.


Due to issues with the notification process last year, it is highly encouraged for all applicants to check their spam and trash folders daily. Those applicants that have a gmail email account are known to have the most issue with the email notification. If you have an email account that is not gmail or gmail contracted, please submit that account so that we may have an alternate email account in which you may receive your notification of status from us.

Final Dates for On-Site Interviews- The dates listed below are the final dates for Intern Interviews for 2020-2021 recruitment.

December 4, 2019           

December 9, 2019

December 13, 2019

January 7, 2020

January 9, 2020

Life in Oklahoma City

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus is one of only a few comprehensive health centers in the nation with seven health professional Colleges – Allied Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Graduate Studies – right in the heart of the state capitol, Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City metro area has great educational opportunities, professional sports, a strong economy, a commitment to the arts, and one of the lowest costs of living in the United States.