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About the Department

2019 Faculty

The Department of Radiation Oncology at the Stephenson Cancer Center is dedicated to "cutting edge" and compassionate patient care. We have a skilled staff of physicists, dosimetrists, radiation therapists, physician assistants, and nurses under the direction of board certified radiation oncologists, who are physicians specially trained for cancer treatment using radiation therapy.

We specialize in the use of advanced tumor imaging, radiation treatment planning and delivery techniques which result in the highest degree of tumor dose conformality. In addition, our physicians are especially skilled in the use of chemical agents to increase the radiation-induced killing of cancer cells while decreasing the radiation effects in normal tissue.

Cancer is and will continue to be a major health problem and a leading cause of death in Oklahoma and the nation. The University of Oklahoma, in partnership with the state and the medical community, is dedicated to reducing cancer incidence and mortality in the state.

The Radiation Oncology Department is an integral part of the 140,000-square-foot Stephenson Cancer Center facility that opened in 2009 with a mission of promoting, coordinating and supporting cancer research and care for the state of Oklahoma to reduce cancer incidence and mortality in Oklahoma and beyond.

Dr. Herman
Terence S Herman, MD