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Community Health Alliance

The Community Health Alliance is an organization of OU medical students, in cooperation with other students across the Health Sciences Center, who aim to better the healthcare system in Oklahoma City. Through volunteerism, students work to uplift, educate and empower patients. The Alliance exposes students to the challenges of providing health care with limited resources, while developing more compassionate and empathetic healthcare professionals.

The Alliance partners with various charitable clinics throughout the Oklahoma City area to provide preventative and medicinal services. Working with these clinics, students are able to assist in administering health care to those who would ordinarily be without access to medical attention. Students also have the option to enroll in Community Health elective courses

Fast Facts:

  • The Community Health Alliance (CHA) was created by medical students in 2008
  • The Alliance partners with various charitable clinics throughout Oklahoma City to provide preventative and medicinal services
  • Students have the opportunity to engage with the community through health fairs and other events and teach children the importance of avoiding tobacco
  • CHA students provide health care to rural areas of Oklahoma via a mobile clinic
  • In the spring, CHA students organize a 5K/10K race to raise money for charitable clinics