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New bed tower



A new building is rising above the Oklahoma City horizon.  OU Medical Center is proud to announce the construction of a new 450,000 square foot facility with 32 new operating rooms and 144 inpatient rooms.  Expected completion during the 2020 academic year.  Additional information can be found here.




The OU Medical Center in Oklahoma CityNextdoor, Presbyterian Tower and The Children's Hospital together comprise the current OU Medical Center. These hospitals share governance and staff and are geographically adjacent to each other with connecting walkways.

Presbyterian Tower is the state's only Level I Trauma Center and is a tertiary care facility providing both inpatient and outpatient care for adults. All orthopedic patients are integrated into the teaching services which include medical students, orthopedic surgery residents, and residents from other disciplines.

Orthopedic services include trauma, upper and lower extremity adult reconstruction, hand surgery, sports medicine & arthroscopy, foot and ankle, spine, oncology, and general orthopedics.


The Children's Hospital of Oklahoma, located onthe OUHSC Campus

The orthopedic surgery service at The Children's Hospital of Oklahoma (TCH) provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for children from birth through age 21.  Residents are educated in all aspects of pediatric orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation utilizing general clinics and sub-specialty clinics including myelomeningocele, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, hand surgery, and sports medicine.








The Veterans' Affairs Medical Center, located adjacent to the OUHSC Campus

The experience at the Oklahoma City Veterans' Affairs Medical Center provides our residents with exposure to a large variety of adult orthopedic diseases and therapeutic problems.  A large clinic population contributes to the exposure and practice challenge. 

In addition, a well-balanced degree of independence in a practice situation is provided for the senior residents with supervision by the VAMC attending physicians.

The Oklahoma City VA Medical Center is located next to The Children's Hospital and is connected by a walkway.  The OKC VAMC provides care to a veteran population of greater than 225,000. To learn more, visit the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center website.



McBride Clinic Orthopedic Hospital

Excellent resident training occurs at this busy, high-volume private practice orthopedic clinic and outpatient / inpatient hospital.  Exposure to a wide variety of general and subspecialty orthopedics is provided on these rotations including ankle-foot surgery, adult reconstruction, and elective sports medicine. 

Total joint arthroplasties of the hip and knees as well as complex revision arthroplasties are performed on a regular basis.  Many of the orthopedic surgeons at McBride Orthopedic Hospital are very active on our clinical faculty, and the hospital is associated with multiple rheumatologists that provide extensive exposure to arthritis care.




Bone and Joint at St Anthony

Residents rotate with both clinical and full time faculty at this busy, private practice orthopedic hospital. 

Both general and subspecialty orthopedic care is provided on these rotations including hand surgery, sports medicine, musculoskeletal oncology, and upper-extremity and lower-extremity adult reconstruction.




Integris Baptist Medical Center

Residents complete a comprehensive wound-care rotation in plastic surgery during their PGY-1 year with clinical faculty members at nearby Integris Baptist Medical Center.

Additionally, the fellows in the Hand Surgery Fellowship Program at Integris Baptist Medical Center rotate through our hand surgery clinics and hospital services on the OUMC campus, providing a unique level of instruction and camaraderie during hand rotations.