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Clinical Training Overview

Clinical Opportunities

All clinical responsibilities and educational activities are within Children's Hospital

Cardiac Care

  • Cardiac NICU has 12 designated beds
  • Dedicated team trained to handle congenital heart disease
  • Daily rounds with cardiology, PICU, and and CV surgery
  • 100 infants per year with a with a primary cardiac diagnosis
  • Rotation through the team one block each year and are responsible for cardiac team


Period Clinical Service Non-Clinical Research Other
1 NICU East**     ECMO
2 TLC*      
3 NICU Service West***      
4   Clinic/Conferences Explore Research Possibilities  
5   Clinic    
6   Conferences Choose Project  
7 NICU Cardiac^      
8   Conferences Design Project  
9     Start Project - Major Work SSPR - wrtining workshop
10   Clinic/Conferences Work on Project  
11 NICU Service West     PAS - Presenting Fellows
12   Conferences Work on Project  
13   Clinic Work on Project  


*Transition Labor and Delivery - Consultation Team
**NNP Team - comprised of 1 faculty plus team of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
***Resident team - comprised with 1 faculty plus a team of 3 residents and 1 fellow
^Neonatal Cardiac Team - comprised of faculty, NNPS working alongside Cardiology, CT surgery, and PICU

Air Kids One

Neonatal Fellows will be available for:

  • 24 hour case consultations
  • Case Management
  • Deployment of transport team
  • Guidance of treament in the field

What We Offer

  • Weekly Fetal and Neonatal Physiology Seminars
  • Weekly conferences presented by fellows dedicated to Perinatal cases, Neonatal cases, Mortality Reviews, and Critically Appraised Topics
  • Weekly Pediatric and OB Grand Rounds
  • A core curriculum for first year fellows in Clinical & Lab Research Methodology, IRB,  Protocols, and Evidence-Based Medicine with 2-day Bio-statistics workshops
  • Monthly Professional Development Seminars
  • 12 four-week blocks of clinical service during the 3 year fellowship, including cardiac care and maternal fetal medicine.
  • ECMO (ECLS) Training Course
  • Oppurtunity to pursue a Master's degree in Public Health or Clinical Research
  • Regional and National Meeting Travel support
  • Educational book allowance, on-call meal allowance and paid parking.


The University of Oklahoma 
Department of Pediatrics
Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
PO Box 26901, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901
1200 Everett Drive, ETNP7504, OKC, OK 73104 
Phone: (405) 271-5215
Fellowship Coordinator: Chelsea Baker