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Special Programs

To provide additional opportunities for students to round out their education and pursue areas of interest, OU College of Medicine offers these special programs:

Medicine, Law & Literature
Medical students may enroll in a variety of interdisciplinary medicine and literature courses offered by the Honors College and the College of Medicine. These unique courses are designed to create an educational environment that encourages an integration of knowledge, skills, writing, and reinforcement of personal resources such as creativity, openness, and a willingness to lead, mentor, and champion the patient-physician-community relationship. Every participant is encouraged to exemplify those human skills that make health providers approachable, empathetic, and humane.

Course content is based on selected readings from classical and contemporary literature that emphasize the humanitarian qualities of physicians.

International Studies in Medicine
Current fourth-year College of Medicine students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for an opportunity to participate in an international rotation at an affiliated program. Support funding for the international rotation may be available, but not all students who apply to the international program may receive the funding.

A fourth-year student may only participate in an international rotation during September or February of the fourth-year. A rotation at an international affiliated program is considered on-campus.