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Admissions and Selection Process Components

Admission to the University of Oklahoma Physician Associate Program (Program) is highly competitive. The Program enjoys and benefits from selecting applicants for admission from a highly qualified national applicant pool and seeks to admit qualified resident and non-resident candidates.

The Program utilizes a structured process that is applied to all applicants uniformly. Candidates for admission are considered comparatively on the basis of the following components:

  • Post-secondary scholastic record – Cumulative GPA, Science GPA, and Last 60 GPA.
  • Letters of reference (required component)
  • Written personal statement (required component – supplemental application)
  • Resume and/or CV (required component – supplemental application)
  • CASPer assessment (required component)
  • Work experience including both healthcare and non-healthcare experience (experience not required)
  • Community service and/or volunteer service experience (experience not required)
  • Interview performance

In addition to the components above, the Program reserves the right to apply preference to applicants possessing the following:

  • Socioeconomic and US Census indicators (referenced through CASPA) that align with the PA Program Mission and Goals