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General FAQ

Do you require the GRE?


Do I have to have healthcare experience to apply?
No. Applicants are encouraged to volunteer in various healthcare settings so they are able to observe and understand the PA Profession. Applicants with direct patient care and a strong academic record have an advantage over those that don’t. Please see the advisement PowerPoint.

How many shadowing hours are recommended?
There are no specific numbers of required shadowing hours, but applicants are encouraged to shadow at least three separate PA’s in different specialties and practice settings. Please see the advisement PowerPoint.

Do you have a list of mentors I can shadow?
Visit the PA Shadow Online website at This website connects prospective PA students with practicing PAs receptive to shadowing students.

Do you have a rolling admissions?

Do I have to attend an advisement session and what are the advantages of attending an advisement session?
No. Participating provides helpful direction and information about applying to the program.

Do you accept advance standing from attendance to a previous Physician Assistant Program or basic science graduate course credit?
No. The Physician Associate Program does not offer or accept advanced standing credit for any course offered within the program. Students are required to complete all courses during their academic career at the program.

When are applications available?
Applications are available through CASPA June 1.

When are applications due?
The application deadline is October 1. Both the application to CASPA and the supplemental application to OUHSC must be submitted by this date. Both are required to have a complete application, along with supplemental materials.

May I send my PA Program application directly to OUHSC?
No. You must apply through the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants, or CASPA. The CASPA application requires official transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation, a personal statement and an application fee. CASPA's application cycle opens June 1 and the application deadline is October 1.

Is online prerequisite course work accepted?
Online course work is accepted as long as it is taken from a US regionally accredited institution.

May I have prerequisites in progress at the time of application to the program?
Yes. All prerequisite coursework and degree coursework must be completed by matriculation.

FAQ Advisement


Your selection as an Alternate indicates that the admissions committee determined that you meet eligibility requirements for admission to the program. However, given the high number of applicants to the program, your application was not selected for initial admission. This could be for a variety of reasons including completion of prerequisite courses, GPA, GRE, strength of your interview, and healthcare experience or exposure.

What happens now?
Your application will remain active until the start of the program on the first Monday in June. This means you could be offered admission if space becomes available in the program up to the first day of class.

What are my chances for admission?
Admission will be offered to alternates as those admitted: (1) Decline the offer; 2) Withdraw from the program; or 3) Fail to maintain eligibility for enrollment. This number is very fluid and varies each year.

What is my alternate number?
The waitlist ranking information will not be disclosed to students under any circumstances by the PA Program or the Office of Admissions & Records.


What are some reasons I did not get selected for an interview this year?
Keep in mind every application cycle brings a different pool of applicants:

  1. Did you check your online checklist to ensure your application status was COMPLETE;
  2. Submit 3 references that were NOT friends or family 
  3. Submit a personal statement that makes your application stand out; and
  4. is your GPA competitive. Please look at the advisement presentation with the most recent accepted class and compare their profile with your application to see what areas need improvement.

What can I do to increase my chances of admission?
If you’re currently enrolled in any prerequisite courses, make sure you are successful in completing those classes with high marks. This means you will need to get the best grades possible in every class. Also, make certain that final transcripts and grade reports are sent promptly, so the admission committee will have the most current information available in reviewing your admission status. How do I make my application more competitive for next year?

  1. Complete any outstanding prerequisite courses;
  2. Do your best in courses to raise your GPA;
  3. Take additional upper division science courses; and
  4. Additional work and life experience that enhances your application with preference given to direct patient care. For those with a low GPA (<3.0) in the last 60 credit hours may consider in addition to the above, to pursue a Master’s degree in a science based health related field to improve the competitiveness of their application. Though no additional preference (or penalty) will be given to your application for reapplying, your application could rank higher based on those items.

What if I think my interview skills keep me from being accepted?
Seek interview skills workshops or seminars. Speak with your advisors or Pre-PA clubs to see if they can assist you in this area. The more interviewing experience you have the more comfortable you will become. Career services at your institution may offer these services to alumni. 

If I am not accepted, what should I do for the next year?

  1. Consider the above suggestions and remove any deficiencies described above.
  2. Plan to reapply to the program when the application re-opens the first of June.
  3. If you wish to be reconsidered for admission you will be required to create a new account and submit a new application and appropriate fees. The deadline is midnight, October 1st. Please ensure that updated transcripts are received and accurately posted. Missing or inaccurate coursework will adversely affect the outcome of your application.
  4. Above all else, be prepared to describe in compelling detail to the interview committee how you used the additional year to make yourself more competitive for admission.

If the information provided does not address all of your questions or if you have other concerns, please contact Jami Anderson in the Physician Associate Program office by phone at (405) 271-2058 or at a .

FAQ Verification of Education or Attendance

Where do I mail my Verification of Education or Attendance forms?

HSC Admissions and Records
Mailing address: P.O. Box 26901, LIB 121, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73126-0901
Location: 1105 North Stonewall Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117-1211
Phone: 405.271.2359 Fax: 405.271.2480

Where do I mail my peer reference forms?

HSC Admissions and Records
Mailing address: P.O. Box 26901, LIB 121, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73126-0901
Location: 1105 North Stonewall Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117-1211
Phone: 405.271.2359 Fax: 405.271.2480

How do I receive a copy of my diploma or official transcript?

HSC Admissions and Records
Mailing address: P.O. Box 26901, LIB 121, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73126-0901
Location: 1105 North Stonewall Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117-1211
Phone: 405.271.2359 Fax: 405.271.2480

Where do I send my Verification of Malpractice Insurance while I was a student?

Physician Associate Program
Attention: Verification of Malpractice Insurance
Department of Family & Preventive Medicine
College of Medicine
940 Stanton L Young Boulevard, Suite 357
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104