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PA Program OKC - Advisement

The OU PA Program offers group advisement sessions for prospective students.  Following a general advisement presentation, students can meet with a faculty member to discuss concerns/questions not covered in the general session.  Students who have concerns about their transcripts or grades may bring their transcripts with them for review.   

The advisement sessions are offered in-person OR via Zoom quarterly throughout the year, and reservations are required.  The advisement sessions begin at 5:30 pm and are held at the Basic Sciences Education Building (BSEB) on the third floor in our PA Classroom.  The alternate location is the first-floor classrooms of the BSEB when needed.  The address, campus map, and instructions are below.    

The OU PA Program also offers private advisement meetings.   If you want to book an in-person or virtual advisement session, please click here!  For anyone interested in learning more about the PA Program in general, fill out this form.

For virtual advisement sessions, a Zoom link will be emailed to you on the day of the advisement session.


The next advisement sessions will be posted soon!  

To sign up for an advisement session, click here:


OUHSC Campus Map

The main entrance to the BSEB is on the far North end of the building. All other doors will be locked after 5:00 pm. We will be waiting for you at the front door!