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Department of Neurosurgery

The Department of Neurosurgery provides a complete range of personalized surgical services for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the brain and spine.

  • We have the state’s most comprehensive neurosurgical team to deliver advanced care for patients with brain tumors, spinal disorders, aneurysms and cerebrovascular disease, pediatric neurosurgical conditions, movement disorders and epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and trigeminal neuralgia.
  • As Oklahoma’s only neurosurgeons at an academic medical center, our surgeons are highly specialized and have access to the latest cutting-edge technology and research.
  • Our neurosurgeons are part of Oklahoma’s only Level I Trauma Team verified by the American College of Surgeons.  

Surgical Techniques

Our neurosurgeons have advanced training in the entire range of neurosurgical techniques:

  • Skull-base surgical approaches
  • Endoscopic endonasal surgery
  • Advanced techniques for glioma surgery
  • Awake craniotomy with language and motor mapping with tractography
  • Cutting-edge endovascular approaches for aneurysm and stroke
  • Complex and minimally invasive spinal surgery
  • Image-guided surgery
  • Minimally invasive and robotic spine surgery
  • Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT) and more