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Autopsy Services

An autopsy is the medical examination of a body after death.  Despite advances in clinical tests and radiology, post-mortem examination often still provides useful, and sometime unexpected information relevant to the disease process.  Autopsies for individuals who were in an OU Health facility are performed at the request of family and clinicians when additional information or testing is desired.  Post-mortem examinations can be requested to establish the cause of death, document the extent of disease, or evaluate the effects of therapy.  Autopsies requested by families purely for scientific and educations value to our medical students and pathology residents are welcomed as well.

The Autopsy service is led by a board certified Forensic Pathologist, and all of our Anatomic Pathology residents participate in the autopsies.  In addition to providing in-house autopsy services, the OU Health Autopsy Service contracts with many healthcare institutions in and around the Oklahoma City metro area, including many Tulsa-area facilities.

Autopsies are performed in the recently updated suite at Oklahoma Children's Hospital by specialist attending pathologists and resident physicians.  Our pathologists utilize the latest laboratory techniques, including radiography, immunohistochemistry, microscopy, and molecular genetics.  Of course, we consult freely with the various sub-specialsts in our departments.

The goal of the service is to provide accurate, thorough, and timely reports for families and clinicians in a sensitive and respectful manner.  We work in coordination with the Pastoral Care department to provide the necessary arrangements for transportation and requisite consent.  While even a complete autopsy does not preclude open-casket funeral arrangements, limited autopsies, including minimally invasive, may be requested to answer specific questions.

Private autopsy services not currently provided. Outside hospital/facilities can reach out for contracted services.

Additional contact information for Autopsy services:
Department of Pathology - Autopsy services
940 Stanton L Young Blvd., Suite BMSB 451
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Phone (405) 271-2422  ext. 13012