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Class Officers

Class Officers serve as a liaison between the College of Medicine staff, the HSC Student Government Association and their class. Officers host social events, plan Match Day and find opportunities for their class to participate in community service.

MS4 Class Leadership

Class of 2025

Position Name
President Erin Barnes
Vice President Kelsey Brass
Secretary Jenny Cano
Treasurer Vacant
Curriculum Chair Zane Pedersen
Social Chair JP Eagleton
Social Chair Nishit Garg
Philanthropy Chair Vaughn Raney
Philanthropy Chair Vacant
Fundraising Chair Lena Do
Fundraising Chair Claire Abbott
Intramural Chair Kevin Ngo
Intramural Chair Elyse Wyatt
Historian BreAnna Le
Historian Vacant
Webmaster Zishan Mahood
Webmaster Vacant
StuCo Representative Saleem Batman
StuCo Representative Vacant
OUHSC SGA Senator Fred Kwon
OUHSC SGA Senator Neal Rangu

MS3 Class Leadership

Class of 2026

Position Name
President Brandon Holler
Vice President Reagan Amason
Secretary Kaiti Carpenter
Treasurer Jordan Zimmerman
Curriculum Chair Brock Carter
Social Chair Prince Ohene-Nyako
Social Chair Tara Fazel
Philanthropy Chair Michael Grunsted
Philanthropy Chair Sydney Verrett
Fundraising Chair Emma Smapson
Fundraising Chair Aaron Bickerstaff
Intramural Chair Sworup Thapa
Intramural Chair Anthony Hui
Historian Hudia Jamshed
Historian Zsofia Balla Monjezj
Webmaster Thang Van
Webmaster Michael Tinh
StuCo Representative Joe Stanke
StuCo Representative Marianne Kimmell
OUHSC SGA Senator Huy Nhan
OUHSC SGA Senator Julie Hodgden

MS2 Class Leadership

Class of 2027

Position Name
President Jennifer Ho
Vice President Ben Blittschau
Secretary Josephine Hriscu
Treasurer Matthew Burris
Curriculum Chair Reema Moussa
Social Chair Destinee Elliott
Social Chair Ariana Ahmadi
Philanthropy Chair Natalia Jabrzemski
Philanthropy Chair Katherine Schoeffler
Fundraising Chair Allie Wenger
Fundraising Chair Gavin Hetzler
Intramural Chair William Price
Intramural Chair Rishi Gattu
Historian Mehak Ali
Historian Vanessa Heath
Webmaster Cory Greer
Webmaster Anthony Nguyen
StuCo Representative Christopher Asa Candler
StuCo Representative Bella Rose Quan
OUHSC SGA Senator Nitin Rangu
OUHSC SGA Senator Rohit Mita

MS1 Class Leadership

Class of 2028

Position Name
Vice President
Curriculum Chair
Social Chair
Social Chair
Philanthropy Chair
Philanthropy Chair
Fundraising Chair
Fundraising Chair
Intramural Chair
Intramural Chair
StuCo Representative
StuCo Representative
StuCo Representative

Class Officer Duties

For a full description of class officer roles and responsibilities, click here.

In addition to carrying out the primary duties assigned to their individual role, officers have the following class-specific duties:


  • MS1 – Plan Family Day in the Fall
  • MS2 – Host MS1 officer elections; arrange pre-orientation for incoming class and Mentor/Mentee picnic; participate in MS1 Anatomical Donor Lunch and White Coat Ceremony; schedule USMLE Step 1 reviews courses
  • MS3 – Schedule residency dinners; delegate to classmates responsibility for specific residency dinners
  • MS4 – Lead planning of Match Day activity; delegate Match Day duties to classmates

Vice President

  • MS1 – Organize Anatomical Donor Memorial Service
  • MS2 – Assist with pre-orientation preparation for MS1 class; Mentor/Mentee sign-up


  • MS2 – Organize, edit, and solicit sponsors for the Unofficial Student Guide for MS1 class


  • MS2 – Budget MS1 pre-orientation
  • MS4 - Budget Match Week Celebration

Dean's Student Advisory Board

The faculty of the College appreciates the student perspective and actively seeks their input. The Dean's Student Advisory Group consists of the presidents and vice presidents of the four medical school classes and Student Council. The advisory group meets three times per year to discuss current issues surrounding student life and medical education.

Class-Specific Events

The College of Medicine hosts numerous events applicable to students at various points along the span of medical school. Class officers are involved in organizing, executing, or assisting in the execution of these events, including the White Coat Ceremony, Anatomical Donor Luncheon and Memorial Service, Match Day, Senior Banquet, and Commencement. Learn more about these events here.