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The Heart Rhythm Institute's success has changed the lives of thousands of patients who have traveled from around the world to find a treatment for their arrhythmias. Many patients are now living active lives that they were hesitant to try before, some having had failed ablation procedures elsewhere.

Even with all of HRI's success, we continue our work to discover the best procedures, techniques and medications. Two specific areas of research are sudden cardiac death and atrial fibrillation.

HRI also trains physicians worldwide to use HRI's techniques. More than 1,000 doctors have studied HRI's innovative procedures at our headquarters in Oklahoma City.

HRI is Oklahoma's only nonprofit organization focused solely on arrhythmias. All private donations are directed to research for the cures that will save lives. Each tax-deductible donation makes a difference, whether from the teenager selling crafts to help other children like herself, or from someone who makes a planned gift. Each donation brings us closer to curing all types of arrhythmias.

You can make a significant difference to HRI research initiatives with your contribution:
Your gift will help people whose hearts can't find the right rhythm.