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Child Protection Team (CPT)

The CPT is a multidisciplinary committee that is chaired by Dr. John H. Stuemky. Representatives from the Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office, Oklahoma County Child Welfare, and the medical staff at Oklahoma Children's Hospital attend the CPT meetings. Medical and nursing students are encouraged to attend as well.

The Team meets weekly and staffs all cases in which CHO-25s have been completed. A CHO-25 is the hospital's reporting form for suspected child abuse and neglect.  The CPT also staff CHO non-25 reports that include cases of child abuse and/or neglect evaluations that have been requested and/or completed, but no CHO-25 was believed to be warranted. Each case is evaluation from a medical, legal, and social perspective to determine if the case was afforded all the available services and resources.

The CPT also staffs and assesses, at the request of Child Welfare, police, and/or district attorneys, patients who were not seen at Oklahoma Children's Hospital provided that appropriate medical and social information is provided.

Oklahoma Children's Hospital Social Services CPT staff is responsible for gathering all the social information in each case that is reviewed.  This information is summarized in a typed CPT report (with identifying information removed) that is available to CPT members and guests at the CPT meeting

A letter and a copy of our report and minutes is sent to the patient's Primary Care Physician, the Child Welfare worker/supervisor/State Office, law enforcement investigator, District Attorney (juvenile and/or criminal), and the attorney for the child when it appears that professionals may not have our information/assessment.  Letters are also sent when the Committee makes formal recommendations regarding findings, follow-up for medical care, services needed, and concerns about the direction of the investigation.


Ryan D. Brown, MD, Associate Professor, Medical Director
Larissa Hines, MD, FAAP, Assistant Professor
Mary Ellen Stockett, MD, Assistant Professor
John H. Stuemky, MD Associate Professor
Jessica Harper, MS,MHS, PA-C
Cathy Miles, RN, MSN, CPNP, Senior Advanced Practice Provider
Amy Baum, MSW, LCSW, CPT Coordinator
Wendy Migneault, Patient Care Coordinator

Contact Information

(405) 271-4518

Child Abuse Safe Clinic: (405)271-7233 | (405)271-SAFE