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Former Fellows

* Underlined name-Chief Fellow
*Bold-Practicing in Academia

2018-2021   Muhammad "Zaid" Hanafi MD (L), Vincent Sami Petros DO (R)



2017-2020   Thomas Corredine DO (L), Ijlal Ali MD (M), Hassaan Zia MD (R)
(Pictured with William M. Tierney MD-Program Director)











2016-2019    Molly Disbrow MD (L), Kelsey Able DO (M), George Salem MD (R)






2015-2018    Hussein Bitar MD, and Sultan Mahmood MD

2014-2017    Aatish Patel MD, Pratyusha Parava MD, and Ayokunle Abegunde MD

2013-2016    Emily Christman MD, Sindhu Kaitha MD, and Rajesh Kanagala MD

2012-2015    Khadija Chaudrey MD, Sumit Ahluwalia MD, and Salman Nusrat MD

2011-2014    Bryan Ong MD, Kevin McNamara MD, and Hanumantha Ancha MD

2010-2013    Omar Haq MD, Faiz Shakir MD, and Sian Chisholm MD

2009-2012    Aaron Fieker DO, Vu Le MD, and Ravinder Kurella MD

2008-2011    Mohammad Madhoun MD and Joshua Whorton MD

2009-2010    Anna Bartram MD

2007-2010    Lilah Mansour MD and Madhavi Rudraraju MD

2007-2009    Jessica Philpott MD, PhD

2006-2009    David Roberts MD and Tauseef Ali MD

2005-2008    Muhammad Hasan MD and Kenneth Seres MD

2005-2008    Syed Rizvi MD

2004-2007    Matt Blankenship MD and Son Nguyen MD

2003-2006    Hari Ancha MD and Robert Holbrook MD

2002-2005    Nadeem Chaudhary MD and Arun Sachdev MD

2003-2004    Syed Rizvi MD (1st year only)

2001-2004    Ali Siddiqui MD

2001-2003    Syed Sadiq MD

2000-2003    Chintan Parikh MD and David Stokesberry MD

1999-2002    Verapan Vongthavaravat MD

1998-2001    Layth Saymeh MD

1997-2000    Sikandar Mesiya MD and Abbas Raza MD

1996-1999    Poonputt Chotiprasidhi MD

1995-1998    Ahmad Jazzar MD

1994-1997    Carl Raczkowski MD and Mike Winters MD

1993-1996    Mark Anderson MD and Harry Ojeas MD

1992-1995    Jeff Scott MD and Randy Kakish MD

1991-1994    Deborah Blalock MD & Karen Kindley MD  

1990-1993    Kirti Gurjar MD and Alex Gurrola MD

1989-1992    James Hakert MD and Tom Shireman MD 

1989-1991    William Daryl Dickey MD 

1989-1990    Radha Narayanan MD

1988-1990    Leann Serbousek MD and Pat Volak MD

1987-1989    Tom Meziere MD and Sandra Shepard MD

1986-1988    Cathy Hirsch MD and Danny Smith MD

1985-1987    John Hood MD and Mark Riner MD

1984-1986    Donald Kastens MD and Joe Zuerker MD

1983-1985    Eric Cottrill MD and Barry Eisen MD

1982-1984    Corrine Laber MD* and Kenneth Manas MD

1981-1983    Charles Lackey MD and Tran Quang My MD

1980-1982    Don Murray MD and Richard Seifert MD

1979-1981    Nguyen Ngoc Khoi MD

1978-1980    Nick Knutson MD and Dan Northey MD

1977-1979    James Hogin DO

1977-1978    Arthur Hale MD

1976-1978   William Griffiths MD and Imad Zantout MD

1976-1977    Jwu Hsiung Lee MD

1975-1977    Philip Bird MD and A. Somasudaran MD

1974-1975    Malcolm Robinson MD

1973-1975    David Neumann MD

1973-1974    Brandi Heinrich MD and Wallace Love MD 

1973-1974    Tran Quang My MD

1972-1973    Jwu Hsiung Lee MD

1971-1972    James W. Young MD

1970-1971    Donald Boon MD and Colin Song MD

1970-1971    Elmer Treat MD and Harvey Ulano PhD

1969-1970    Ted Bynum MD and Tim Smalley MD

1968-1970    Robert Ringrose MD 

1968-1969    David Max Gregory MD

1967-1968    Rex Baggett MD 

1966-1968    Chun Kwang Su MD and Opal Zschiesche MD

1965-1966    Leonard Swischuk MD and June May MD

1965-1966    Robert Shaw MD

1963-1965    Marilyn Porter MD

1962-1963    J B Delashaw MD and F D Mannerberg MD

1961-1963    George Victor Rohrer MD

1961-1962    Charles Behrens MD

1960-1963    Eugene Smith MD

1960-1962    John William Hood MD

1959-1961    Hilli Sevelius MD       

1957-1961    Jack Welsh MD

Board Certified in Gastroenterology

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

* Deceased