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Current Residents


Graduating Class of 2023




Eleanor Abreo, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Hometown: San Diego (Jamul), California

Hobbies: Baking, yoga, Pilates, spin, barre, painting, hosting parties, playing video games

A fun fact:  I named my little brother 

Academic/Professional Interests:  Forensic Pathology, resident education and wellness

Accepted Fellowship: Forensic Pathology - Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Oklahoma City, OK




Afzal - Photo 3

Anoshia Afzal, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  Dow Medical College, Dow University of Health Sciences (Karachi, Pakistan)

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Hobbies: Blogging, reading, wall painting, cooking

A fun fact:  I don't like cake, unless it's chocolate!!

Academic/Professional Interests:  Genitourinary (GU) Pathology, Surgical Pathology

Accepted Fellowship:  Genitourinary (GU) Pathology - Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School



Cox_web 2

Cody Cox, MD (CP-only Resident)

Medical School:  The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Hometown: Gans, Oklahoma  (Editor's note: According to Google, population of 300)

Hobbies: Soccer, video games, board games, and traveling with my wife and kids

A fun fact:  I once broke my arm in an accident that involves being tripped by a vacuum cleaner (that was in use) while playing basketball in my house on one of those small Nerf goals

Academic/Professional Interests:  Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapy, Pre-medical and Medical Education

Accepted Fellowship:  Transfusion Medicine, University of Minnesota




Jordan Keith, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, Paul L Foster School of Medicine

Hometown: Pilot Point, Texas (Editor's note: how did we allow this?)

Hobbies: Walks with my family (including chihuahua), spending time with my son

A fun fact:  I've had natural partially gray hair since age 16

Academic/Professional Interests:  Transfusion Medicine

Accepted Fellowship:  Transfusion Medicine - UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas




Beth Raju, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Hometown: Yukon, Oklahoma (Editor's note: also hometown of Garth Brooks)

Hobbies: Pilates, ballet, baking, and taking naps

A fun fact:  I dislike fun facts (and fun... and facts... -Editor's note)

Academic/Professional Interests:  Transfusion medicine

Accepted Fellowship: Transfusion Medicine - New  York Blood Center, New York City, NY



Scott_web 2

Randall Scott, MD (CP-only Resident)

Medical School:  The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Hometown:  McLoud, Oklahoma

Hobbies: Traveling, gardening

Academic/Professional Interests:  Blood bank/transfusion medicine, genetics/molecular pathology



Graduating Class of 2024



Abu Mehsen - Photo 3638012077718566307

Sara Abu Mehsen, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  University of Jordan (Amman, Jordan)

Hometown: Jordan

Hobbies: Jogging, crafting with my kids

Academic/Professional Interests:  Hematopathology



Brian M. Besch, MD (AP-only Resident)

Medical School:  University of Utah School of Medicine

Hometown: Two Rivers, WI

Fun Fact: I'm an unapologetic heavy metal enthusiast

Academic/Professional Interests:  Bone and Soft Tissue, Head and Neck, and Surgical Pathology



Kamal_web 2

Maria Kamal, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (Aligarh, India)

Hometown: Aligarh, India

Hobbies: Painting, cooking, playing badminton

Academic/Professional Interests:  GI and Surgical pathology



Chelsea Zhang, MD

Medical School:  UT Southwestern

Hometown: Nanjing, China

Fun Fact: I have a pet earthworm named "Piney" because he lives with my pineapple plant

Academic/Professional Interests:  AP/CP, I have a lot to learn and am still exploring!



Graduating Class of 2025


Timothy Ramseyer, MD

Medical School:  University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Hometown: Enid, OK

Fun Fact:  I am a dual Swiss/American citizen

Academic/Professional Interests:  Global health and microbiology




Graduating Class of 2026



Ranim Bittar, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School: Damascus University (Damascus, Syria)

Hometown: Damascus

Hobbies: Abstract and calligraphy painting, reading, practicing playing music on different instruments, spending time with family, and cooking

Fun Fact: Participated in a kid's song for a TV channel

Academic/Professional Interests:  AP/CP, still exploring and open to all subspecialties




Elgenaid - Photo 3


 Shaima Elgenaid, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  University of Khartoum (Khartoum, Sudan)

Hometown: Khartoum, Sudan

Fun Fact: I have a twin brother

Academic/Professional Interests:  Surgical Pathology



Li He, MD (AP/CP Resident)

Medical School:  Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China

Hometown: Hebei, China

Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, cooking, drama TV series

Fun Fact: My name spelling is probably the simplest one you have ever seen

Academic/Professional Interests:  AP/CP