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Applicant FAQs

Interview Specifics 

When will OU interview fellowship applicants?

Wednesdays and Fridays in September through the end of November

How will applicants schedule interviews?

Our Program Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your virtual interview.

How long will the interview last?

The interview will last approximately 4-5 hours  You will interview with multiple faculty members as well as a current fellow within the program.

What should I wear?

Dress professionally and comfortably.  Feel free to personalize your virtual location/background to share more about yourself, your interests and your passions.

Should I interview early to show 'interest' or interview late to 'not be forgotten'?

Schedule interviews at your convenience.  The timing of the interview has ZERO relevance to our decision making.

Program Culture

Can I talk to a fellow currently in the program to help me decide on whether or not to apply?

We will provide opportunities to speak with current fellows with ample Q&A time.

Is annual national conference attendance paid for during my fellowship?

If you submit an abstract or presentation for consideration at a national conference, the travel expenses and conference registration will be paid during your fellowship.  You will have dedicated time to prepare a submission early in the program.


Is there a cut-off for years since graduation?

We encourage anyone who is interested to apply!  We accept fellows coming straight out of residency and also those who come back mid-career to gain a new specialty.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

We encourage a total of three recommendation letters, preferably from people who know you well.


Is there a minimum number of attempts you accept for USMLE/COMLEX?

You must pass your exams by the 3rd attempt.  After 3 failed attempts, you cannot get licensed in the State of Oklahoma.  This is a state requirement and not specific to the University of Oklahoma.

Do you accept only COMLEX scores from osteopathic candidates (without taking Step(s))?

Yes!  Save your money, as far as we are concerned.  Medical school is expensive enough.

Do you have a minimum score requirement?

We do not have a standard requirement for USMLE Step scores or COMLEX level scores.  We look at every application in a holistic manner.  Scores are taken into consideration, along with all other information included in your application.

Is Step 3 required at time of application?

Completion of Step 3 with resulted scores is required for your fellowship application.

International Applicants

Do you accept International Medical Graduates?

We accept and encourage international medical graduates to apply to our program.  As part of your application, and as with all applicants, help us understand what appeals to you about our program / Oklahoma City.

What type of visas can you sponsor for IMGs?

The University of Oklahoma only sponsors the J-1 Visa.  Should you be accepted to our program, you will need to establish a current J-1 Visa before starting your Fellow Orientation.  Orientation starts July 1st.

Do you require an ECFMG certificate to interview?

The ECFMG certificate is not required to receive an interview, but is required in order to start your fellowship.  The Education Office and the GME office must receive this before your residency begins.

Are there US clinical experience requirements for IMGs to apply?

To be accepted for fellowship at OU, you must have completed a prior residency program.