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Patient Care

The hospital medicine services at OU Health provide comprehensive care for inpatients with medical conditions or surgical conditions with complex medical co-morbidities from admission to discharge. Common disease states cared for include complications of cancer, advanced cirrhosis, diabetic complications, infectious diseases, GI bleeds, acute kidney injury, and many others. As the premier, comprehensive academic health system in the state of Oklahoma, OU Health serves as the quaternary referral center for the state meaning patients with the most advanced and complicated disease states are sent here when their conditions cannot be managed elsewhere.

Clinical Services

University of Oklahoma Medical Center (OUMC) Hospital Medicine Service

The “hospitalist” service at OUMC is a service where hospital medicine physicians and APPs provide direct care to admitted inpatients without residents or medical students. Medicine patients that need admission to OUMC are assigned either to the hospitalist service or the resident teaching services randomly on a rotating basis. The average census is 14 patients/day and there are separate admitting and rounding shifts.

 Acute Hematology Hospitalist Serivce

“Onco-hospitalists” on the acute hematology hospitalist service are the primary attending physicians for inpatients with established acute leukemias, lymphomas, or other malignant hematologic diseases admitted for chemotherapy or complications of disease or chemotherapy. They care for these patients in a co-management model alongside board-certified malignant hematologists, APPs, and hematology/oncology fellows. These patients are primarily admitted to the oncology ward of the new North Tower at OUMC.

Nightime Hospitalist Service

The nighttime service is comprised of a nocturnist and 2-3 APPs who collaboratively admit new patients and provide cross-coverage to the hospitalist and acute hematology hospitalist services.

Resident Teaching Service

The Internal Medicine residency program has five inpatient general medicine teams at OUMC. Four of these teams are structured in the traditional manner of one attending, one upper-level resident, two interns, and three to four medical students (MS3 or MS4). Occasionally, these teams are also augmented by Clinical Pharmacy faculty, interns, and students. Hospital medicine faculty join faculty from General Internal Medicine and other sub-specialty sections in staffing the attending role for these teams. The fifth team has one attending and one upper-level resident rotating in the traditional 7-on/7-off hospitalist model, and this team is almost exclusively staffed by hospital medicine faculty. Medical students are occasionally assigned to this team.

Consult and Co-Management

In addition to providing the primary management of admitted inpatients, the hospital medicine services are also available to provider consultative or co-management care to patients admitted to sub-specialty or surgical services.