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Residency Rotations


OU neurology residents spend their entire first year on clinical rotations, including nine months on internal medicine rotations at the VA Medical Center (VAMC) or OU Medical Center (OUMC), two months on neurology rotations at the VAMC, and one month in the Neurosciences ICU. At least two of the nine internal medicine months are spent caring for patients in an Intensive Care or Coronary Care Unit.


OU neurology residents spend 30-32 weeks of their second year as junior residents on inpatient services, including the OUMC Inpatient service, OUMC Consult service, OUMC Neurosciences ICU (NSICU) service, and VAMC Neurology and Rehabilitation service.  Residents spend 4 weeks of their second year on a neuropathology rotation, 4 weeks on a psychiatry rotation, and 4 weeks on a subspecialty clinic rotation.  In the second half of the PGY-2 year, residents spend 4-6 weeks on night float covering the VAMC and Oklahoma Children’s Hospital at OU Health.


OU neurology residents spend much of their third year on subspecialty rotations, including 8 weeks on EEG/epilepsy monitoring unit, 4 weeks on EMG, and 8 weeks on an elective rotation.  Residents also spend 12 weeks of their third year on child neurology, 4 weeks as senior resident in the OUMC NSICU, and 12 weeks on night float (8 at OUMC and 4 at VAMC/Oklahoma Children’s Hospital).


OU neurology residents spend their fourth year on elective (12 weeks), neuro-ophthalmology (4 weeks), neurodegenerative diseases clinic (4 weeks), or as a senior resident on an inpatient service, including 8 weeks on OUMC Inpatient service, 8 weeks on OUMC Consult service, 8 weeks on VAMC Neurology and Rehabilitation service, and 4 weeks on the NSICU service.

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