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About our Mission

We are purposeful about our culture. We consider these descriptions of our culture a living document and last revised them in October 2020.

We provide excellent, compassionate, evidence-based maternal-fetal care; teach current and future providers; and conduct research that improves the evidence on which our care is based.​

Our values/principles are non-negotiable and pertain to all people in our practice. All are held accountable for behaving in keeping with these values/principles and also in keeping with our behavior norms. Our values/principles are:

  1. Community
    1. Value the contributions of all members of the healthcare team
    2. Optimize patient care transitions as our patients move through the health system
    3. Embrace our role as leaders for the obstetric community within the State of Oklahoma
  2. Dedication
    1. Commit to contributing to the group
    2. Do the right thing, even if it’s the harder choice
    3. Timely, professional, culturally-sensitive focus on customer service/patient experience
    4. Intramural leadership (department, college, hospital)
    5. Extramural leadership, including at the national level
    6. Value others for their talents and contributions
    7. Support group decisions
    8. Take initiative to enhance process
  3. Excellence
    1. Maintain board certification
    2. Uniform clinical approach (develop, regularly update, and practice according to evidence-based guidelines)
    3. Attention to education
      • Of patients
      • Of nurses
      • Of students
      • Of residents
      • Of fellows
      • Of community
    4. Research (as pertinent per individual’s assignment)
  4. Respect
    1. Value differences in others
    2. Appreciate distinctive qualities in others
    3. Accept the worth and dignity of others
    4. Of others’ feelings
    5. Be concerned for and nurture the growth and development of others
    6. Understand that we are all at a different stage
    7. Applies to patients, staff, colleagues, referring providers
  5. Joy
    1. Value work/life harmony
    2. Tend to our emotional and physical well-being
    3. Recognize that joy and enthusiasm are contagious; infect others with it
  6. Trust 
    1. Believe and have confidence in the integrity, reliability, and fairness
      • Of individuals
      • Of our strategic planning
      • Of our administration
    2. Model integrity, inspiring others to always be honest and fair
    3. Listen, follow through, and keep your word
    4. Be able to rely on team/colleagues to do the right thing
    5. Applies even when formal relationship ends


***These behavior norms are our action plan to achieve our values/principles. They are non-negotiable expected behaviors.

  • No personal attacks
  • No defensiveness
  • Disagreements addressed ASAP
  • Deliver message to correct recipient
  • Open debate with respect; bring alternative views
  • Clear on commitment (“yes” or “no and here’s why”; not “I’ll try”)
  • One conversation (in meetings, with others outside our group)
  • If bring a problem, bring a solution
  • Group involvement in decision making
  • Upfront, honest, transparent
  • No meetings after the meeting
  • Be engaged
  • Be on time