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About our Mission

We are purposeful about our culture. We consider these descriptions of our culture a living document and last revised them in November 2021.

We provide excellent, compassionate, evidence-based maternal-fetal care; teach current and future providers; and conduct research that improves the evidence on which our care is based.​


These values/principles are non-negotiable and pertain to all people in our practice. All are held accountable for behaving in keeping with these values/principles and also in keeping with our behavior norms.

  • Community
    • Value the contributions of all members of the healthcare team
    • Optimize patient care transitions as our patients move through the health system
    • Embrace our role as leaders for the obstetric community within the State of Oklahoma
  • Dedication
    • Commit to contributing to the group
    • Do the right thing, even if it’s the harder choice
    • Timely, professional, culturally-sensitive focus on customer service/patient experience
    • Intramural leadership (department, college, hospital)
    • Extramural leadership, including at the national level
    • Value others for their talents and contributions
    • Support group decisions
    • Take initiative to enhance process
  • Excellence
    • Maintain board certification
    • Uniform clinical approach (develop, regularly update, and practice according to evidence-based guidelines)
    • Attention to education
      • Of patients
      • Of nurses
      • Of students
      • Of residents
      • Of fellows
      • Of community
    • Research (as pertinent per individual’s assignment)
  • Respect
    • Value differences in others
    • Appreciate distinctive qualities in others
    • Accept the worth and dignity of others
    • Of others’ feelings
    • Be concerned for and nurture the growth and development of others
    • Understand that we are all at a different stage
    • Applies to patients, staff, colleagues, referring providers
  • Joy
    • Value work/life harmony
    • Tend to our emotional and physical well-being
    • Recognize that joy and enthusiasm are contagious; infect others with it
  • Trust 
    • Believe and have confidence in the integrity, reliability, and fairness
      • Of individuals
      • Of our strategic planning
      • Of our administration
    • Model integrity, inspiring others to always be honest and fair
    • Listen, follow through, and keep your word
    • Be able to rely on team/colleagues to do the right thing
    • Applies even when formal relationship ends


***These behavior norms are our action plan to achieve our values/principles. They are non-negotiable expected behaviors.

  • No personal attacks
  • No defensiveness
  • Disagreements addressed ASAP
  • Deliver message to correct recipient
  • Open debate with respect; bring alternative views
  • Clear on commitment (“yes” or “no and here’s why”; not “I’ll try”)
  • One conversation (in meetings, with others outside our group)
  • If bring a problem, bring a solution
  • Group involvement in decision making
  • Upfront, honest, transparent
  • Bring up issues in meetings; don't relitigate issues after the meeting
  • Be engaged
  • Be on time