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Salary Schedule 2023 - 2024

PGY-1 $58,220
PGY-2 $60,076
PGY-3 $62,220
PGY-4 $66,221
PGY-5 $68,316
PGY-6 $70,968
PGY-7 $74,136


Benefit Details

Insurance Benefits

The University of Oklahoma offers a flexible benefits plan authorized by Section 125 (Cafeteria Plan) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eligible employees receive an allowance of benefits credits, also called Sooner Credits. These credits represent the amount of money the University pays to provide benefit-eligible employees with the following core insurance benefits:

  • Medical Insurance (Employee and eligible dependents)
  • Basic Dental Plan
  • Life Insurance (1.5 times annual base pay)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance ($20,000 policy)

Long Term Disability Insurance – Provided by the College of Medicine to all residents. The benefits are paid at 60% of monthly salary. Benefits start after you have been totally or partially disabled for 90 consecutive days.

In addition to the University provided core insurance benefits, employees and their dependents have the option to participate in other benefits available at the employee's cost. These include:

  • Dependent Dental, Life, and AD&D Insurance
  • Supplemental Employee Life and AD&D Insurance Employee and Dependent Vision Insurance
  • Short Term Disability (employee only)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

A compensation based contribution system is in place for medical insurance which provides benefits for residents and eligible dependents. Medical insurance coverage begins commensurate with the date resident begins term of appointment. Employees may pay for medical, dental, life insurance, AD&D, and vision with pre-tax dollars. A full description of benefits is available at

Professional Liability Insurance

The University provides professional liability insurance for residents applicable only to duties and assignments within the scope of the residency training program. Coverage amount is $100,000/$300,000, the amount of the resident statutory cap in the State of Oklahoma.


Parking is provided at no cost to the residents through the affiliated institutions. Residents are expected to abide by all rules regarding parking registration, hang tags, etc. Failure to do so can result in a citation with a fine or towing of your vehicle which is the responsibility of the resident.

Library Privileges

Each resident is entitled to use the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library. The library has an extensive and complete information retrieval and audiovisual services in addition to its large book collection. A photo University ID card is required. A library is also available to fellows at VAMC (

Vacation Leave

Each trainee earns 15 days (M-F) of vacation per year. Training regulations imposed by the national certifying boards in some specialties limit the amount of leave which may be taken by a resident to a lesser amount. Earned but unused vacation time will not be carried over from one academic year to another.

Sick Leave

Sick leave accrues at the rate of 1.25 days per month for a maximum of 15 work (week) days. Unused sick leave will not be carried forward to the next year. Leave without pay is possible contingent upon recommendation by the Program Director and approval by the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education. The University complies with the Family Medical Leave Act.

Educational Leave

Residents may request up to five days of educational leave each year. The request should be submitted at least six weeks prior to requested leave date. The meeting can be no more than one week in duration and must be within the US. Approval is granted solely at the discretion of the Program Director, who also determines the travel reimbursement policy for the individual residency program.

Family Leave - Federal Guidelines

Federal Law mandates that after one year of employment by the university, employees may take up to 12 weeks (combined paid and unpaid leave) during a 12-month period for the birth or adoption of a child, or placement of a foster child in order to care for the child. This time must end not later than 12 months after the day of birth or placement of the child. Similarly such leave can be used for medical reasons or to care for a seriously ill spouse, child, or parent consecutively or on an intermittent or reduced time basis with acceptable documentation from a physician.

Resident Family Leave Policy

Depending on specialty board requirements, periods of family leave may extend the length of the residency training needed to meet specialty board requirements.

Maternity Leave

Available sick leave, vacation time, or leave without pay, may be used in accordance with the Family Leave Act guidelines as described above.

Paternity Leave

Available vacation time, or leave without pay, may be use in accordance with the Family Leave Act guidelines as described above.


The University does not provide meals, housing, duty uniforms, laundry, or parking; however, its affiliated hospitals provide some or all within their scope of regular operation. 

further details.

See the Resident Handbook for further details.