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Within the Departments of Radiological Sciences and Radiation Oncology, the medical physics faculty active pursue research in a variety of fields, exhibiting a strong presence at professional conferences, and regularly publishing in peer-reviewed journals. Many graduate student research thesis project become published abstracts and journal submissions, presenting a showcase of local talent on a national stage. While the specifics of each faculty's research interest maybe best investigated via the lists of recent publications on their individual web-pages, the topics include, yet are not limited to:

  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Charged Particles
  • Modeling Radio-Biological Response
  • Proton Radiotherapy Workflow
  • Patient Quality Assurance Design and Efficiency
  • Proton Radiobiology
  • Imaged Guided Radiotherapy
  • Proton Radiography
  • Model Based Brachytherapy
  • Small Field Dosimetry
  • Radiochromic Film Dosimetry
  • Site Based Comparative Treatment Planning  Assessment
  • Novel Phantom Design and Construction Techniques
  • Patient Immobilization and Analysis
  • Magneto-responsive Pharmaceutical Delivery
  • Detector Design and Simulation
  • Novel Teaching Methodology Efficacy
  • Diagnostic Imaging Dose Estimation 
  • MRI Sequence Clinical Design and Efficacy


Medical Physics Faculty Lecturing Residents