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Annual Aesculapian and Crimson Apple Awards Spotlight Excellent Educators

Students in any field of study hold in high regard those teachers who especially inspire and encourage them. 

That is certainly true in the discipline of medicine. Each spring, College of Medicine students set aside time to honor those who have played a significant role in their four-year educational journey. The Aesculapian Award is given by medical students to faculty and residents for their excellence in teaching medicine. It is named for Aesculapius, identified in Greek myth as the son of Apollo and an ideal physician. Similarly, the Crimson Apple Award is given by medical students to faculty and residents at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, in recognition of those who will impact and influence the professional lives of students long after graduation. This year, the awards were presented virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic

AESCULAPIAN AWARDS – Oklahoma City campus 

Class of 2023:

Aesculapian Award-Preclinical Sciences Faculty: 

Teresa S. Scordino, M.D., Department of Pathology

Class of 2022:

Aesculapian Award-Preclinical Sciences Faculty: 

Frederick C. Miller, Ph.D., Department of Cell Biology

Class of 2021:

Aesculapian Award-Clinical Sciences Faculty: 

Alexander R. Raines, M.D., Department of Surgery.

Aesculapian Award-House Staff Officer/Resident: 

Cressilee Bryant, M.D., Department of Surgery

Class of 2020:  

Aesculapian Award-Clinical Sciences Faculty: 

Madison A. Brinlee, M.D., Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Pediatrics

Aesculapian Award-Clinical Sciences Faculty-Volunteer: 

Scott Albright, D.O., Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

The 2020 Edgar W. Young Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Nancy Halliday, Ph.D., David Ross Boyd Professor of cell biology. The award was established in 1987 by the Medical Student Council, in honor of its first recipient, to recognize long-term dedication to medical education. 

CRIMSON APPLE AWARDS – OU-TU School of Community Medicine, Tulsa 

Crimson Apple Award-Clinical Faculty: 

Audrey Corbett, M.D., Department of Internal Medicine 

Crimson Apple Award-Preclinical Faculty: 

Elmus Beale, Ph.D., Department of Cell Biology 

Crimson Apple Award-Volunteer Faculty: 

Norman M. Simon, M.D, Department of Internal Medicine 

Crimson Apple Award-Resident 

Tim Hughes, M.D., Department of Surgery

Mark Street, M.D., Department of Internal Medicine

The Community Medicine Leader Award was presented to Syeachia Dennis, M.D., assistant professor of family medicine. This award recognizes her as a faculty member who exemplifies the mission of the School Community Medicine, as evidenced by her teaching, scholarship, community service and significant service to both the school and the Tulsa community.