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A Message from Our Director, Dr. Amy Lee

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship Program at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. We are delighted to begin pediatric critical care fellowship training here in Oklahoma City. Our program is the first and only PICU fellowship training program in Oklahoma, offering you a unique opportunity to contribute to the healthcare of children in the state.

As you’re reading this you may be wondering, “Why should I train in Oklahoma?” As a non-native Oklahoman, I can assure you the reasons for learning and living here are myriad. With collegial faculty, a program that can be curated according to your interests, a state-of-the-art PICU and CICU, and a robust academic center with a wide range of research opportunities, we have everything and more to train excellent pediatric critical care physicians. Life in metropolitan OKC has changed dramatically in the past decade. While still offering low cost of living, OKC has undergone a transformation toward cultural, culinary, and creative progressiveness. There’s something here for everyone.

Finally, what is difficult to highlight in written form are the intangible, yet essential, parts of a training program. What led me to Oklahoma – and what keeps me here – are the people. The faculty are dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who, simply put, are just good people. We know pediatric critical care medicine is a challenging field, and we are committed to fellow well-being. You will find our training program environment to be professional yet relaxed, designed to maximize your learning and your well-being. While it is true that an in-person visit helps gain the full picture of life here, we hope your virtual interview day will provide you with what you need to choose our program. We look forward to meeting you!