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Message from the Director

The heart has a rhythm of its own. It speeds life-giving blood to the body. It responds if you are racing to catch an elevator at work or if you are relaxing in a hammock watching the sun melt into the horizon. The Heart Rhythm Institute (HRI) at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is dedicated to helping people whose hearts can't find the right rhythm.

Arrhythmias - where the heart beats too fast, slow or irregularly - affect millions of people and are the leading cause of death in the western world, three times more common than death from cancer. HRI's unique team is dedicated not only to the treatment of arrhythmias, but also to researching new techniques, medications and treatments for the heart and to ultimately changing the lives of its patients.

HRI has treated thousands of patients from throughout the world with an ablation procedure developed by Dr. Warren Jackman. Even when other ablation procedures fail, many patients have found success at HRI.

The Heart Rhythm Institute pursues a broad-based research program in cardiac arrhythmias that includes basic and clinical investigation. This comprehensive program has produced important discoveries and advances by including scientists and clinicians from many fields, including cardiology, electrophysiology, immunology, cell biology and pharmacology.

The synergism produced by discussion, accessibility, and cross-pollination of many disciplines has resulted in significant contributions to the field.


Creating normal heartbeats through:

  • Focused research
  • Clinical care
  • Community education, and
  • Training the international medical community