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Brain Tumor

The Comprehensive Brain Tumor Clinic is a true multidisciplinary clinic for children and young adults who have been diagnosed with brain tumors.  It is held in the Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Children two to three times a month.  Joining Dr. McNall, Theresa Gavula, PA-C, and Megan Keast, RN (the Pediatric Neuro-oncology Team) are dedicated doctors and nurse practitioners from other specialties:  Dr. Naina Gross, one of our pediatric neurosurgeons;   Dr. Sowmya Krishnan of pediatric endocrinology; Dr. Daniel Arrington and Patricia Perkins ARNP from child neurology; and Dr. Sunnye Mayes, our section’s child psychologist.  Our team first reviews the patient’s past history, their recent scans, and current issues.  Appropriate providers then see each patient.  This allows the patient and family to come to one visit and see up to five providers to assist them with their complex medical and psychosocial needs.  The clinic was also designed so the providers have the opportunity to discuss the various issues that have arisen and develop a comprehensive plan to best care for the patient.