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Pediatric Pathology


Pediatric pathology is a unique subspecialty focusing on the study and diagnosis of human disease manifested in the embryo, fetus, infant, children and adolescents.  Pediatric pathologists are experts in this field with a strong foundation in general pathology and substantial understanding of normal growht and development, along with extensive knowledge of pediatric medicine and genetics.  Complications of pregnancy and prematurity, congenital malformations and inherited disorders, immunodeficiencies and infections, pediatric blood diseases and tumors are but a few examples of the areas that our pediatric pathologists help to diagnose and manage.



Diagnostic services for patients at Oklahoma Children's Hospital, including the pathological evaluation of biopsies, surgical specimens, and autopsies

Placental and comprehensive fetal and perinatal postmortem examinations

Consultation services for pediatric tumors, pediatric liver diseases, Hirschsprung disease, and other difficult or unusual cases

Additional clinical information:
Pediatric Pathology
Oklahoma Children's Hospital
1200 Children's Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Telephone: (405) 271-5005