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Course Curriculum

  • PATH 5310   Directed Studies 
    Students will learn and perform specialized laboratory techniques. Can be repeated maximum six hours.
  • PATH 5503   Applied Principles of Pathology 
    Basic principles of pathology are related to structural and functional alterations of body tissues and organ systems resulting from disease. Correlation of disease states to underlying pathophysiology and clinical presentation is emphasized.
  • PATH 6010   Pathology Journal Club
    Pathology Graduate Student journal club seeks to familiarize students with the most up-to-date scientific literature and to develop the tools necessary to be a life-long learner.
  • PATH 6024   Principles of Pathobiology     *Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor 
    This course is designed to cover the basic principles of general pathology at the cellular and molecular level. It will emphasize major scientific developments that have provided new insights into our understanding of the traditional approach to the study of the pathologic basis of diseases.  Mandatory for Pathology Graduate Students. 
  • PATH 6043   Care and Use of Research Animals 
    The lectures and laboratory sessions will be used to correlate the anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and pathology of research animals and their diseases; discuss and demonstrate research animal techniques including restraint, sample collection, injections, anesthesia, and euthanasia; evaluate those external influences that alter research data; and select appropriate animal models.
  • PATH 6053 Mechanisms of Disease 
    This course is designed as a forum for bridging basic biomedical research and clinical aspects of human diseases for students with special interests in the cell and molecular mechanisms of certain disease processes.  Emphasis will be on the latest advancement/development in the related fields.  The format will be lectures and discussions with involvement of the students; e.g., presentation and discussion.
  • PATH 6301 From Cells to Tissue to Molecular Morphology 
    This course introduces the student to the basic cell and tissue structure and function and how these cellular characteristics are affected by various procedures such as handling, processing, freezing, fixing and biochemical and biological assays in vitro and in situ, with an emphasis on DNA, RNA, and protein preservation.
  • PATH 6980   Research for Doctoral Dissertation 
    Credit hours vary.
  • PATH 6990   Special Problems in Pathology 
    May be repeated; maximum credit six hours toward degree, but may be taken up to 12 hours.

Required Courses for PhD Students in Pathology

A total of 90 hours minimum (30 class hours and 60 research hours) is required to finish the PhD in Pathology.  A student should expect to spend a minimum of four full academic years beyond his/her bachelor degree.  The following advanced Pathology courses are required:




Mechanisms of Disease Path 6053 3 Hours
Principles of Pathobiology Path 6024 4 Hours
Pathology Journal Club Path 6010 6 Hours
Research for Doctor's Dissertation Path 6980 Minimum of 60 hours