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Funding: Damon J. Vidrine, Dr.P.H., MS

Ongoing Research Support

Enhancing Cancer Outreach for Low Income Adults with Innovative Smoking Cessation
5R01CA141628-03   Vidrine (PI) 4/12/2010-1/31/2017 
The overall purpose of this project is to develop and assess an interactive text messaging intervention for underserved community smokers.
Role: Principal Investigator

An Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Underserved Persons Living with HIV/AIDS
Vidrine (PI) 6/15/2013-12/31/2017 
The overall goal of the proposed project is to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to tobacco-related cancers among persons living with HIV/AIDS.
Role: Principal Investigator

ASPIRE (A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience)
Implementation of an online tobacco prevention and cessation program for children and adolescents throughout the greater Houston area.

Prokhorov (PI) 6/15/2013-10/15/2017 
Role: Co-Investigator

Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science on Youth and Young Adults
P50CA180906   Perry (PI) 9/1/2013-8/31/2018 
(1)To assess the awareness, attitudes, receptivity, and comprehension of the harmful effects of conventional and new and emerging tobacco products among young adults. (2)To identify the most effective combinations of text message framing for communicating information about the potential harmful effects of tobacco products to young adults. (3)To define and analyze key moderators of young adult awareness, attitudes, receptivity, and understanding of the harmful risks and constituents of conventional, new and emerging tobacco products.
Role: Co-Investigator

(PQA3) Smartphone delivered attentional bias modification training for smokers
1-R01-CA184781-01   Robinson (PI) 4/1/2014-3/31/2018 
The objective of this proposal is to determine the feasibility of using an in-home smartphone-delivered attentional bias modification to alter attentional bias towards smoking cues and to modify smoking behavior in the near-and-long-term
Role: Co-Investigator

Targeted Smoking Cessation Intervention for Women Living with HIV/AIDS: A Pilot Study
Fletcher (PI) 9/1/2014-8/30/2015 
Chicago Developmental Center for AIDS Research (D-CFAR) and Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)
The proposed study will determine the feasibility (treatment completion, NRT adherence, retention, and acceptability) of a targeted smoking cessation treatment compared to standard of care.
Role: Co-Investigator

Completed Research Support

An innovative telephone intervention for HIV+ smokers
5R01 CA97893-06   Gritz (PI) 2/1/2006-12/31/2012 
The purpose of this project is to test the efficacy of adding a proactive cellular phone intervention (CPI) to brief physician advice to quit smoking and nicotine replacement therapy.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Evaluation of cardiovascular effects of smoking cessation in HIV infected patients
UT GCRC grant   Bell (PI) 7/1/2007-12/31/2012 
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical Graduate Clinical Research Center
Atherosclerosis progression in HIV/AIDS patients who quit smoking versus those who continue smoking will be evaluated by measuring carotid IMT and biomarkers at baseline, 1 year, and 3 year. The central hypothesis is that smoking cessation will slow the atherosclerosis progression among persons living with HIV/AIDS.
Role: Collaborator

The influence of HIV disease events/stages on smoking attitudes and behaviors
5R01 CA132636-05   Vidrine (PI) 7/1/2008-5/31/2014 
The overarching goal of this project is to prospectively explore the relationship between HIV events/stages, perceived impact of HIV disease, attitudes about cigarette smoking, and smoking behaviors.
Role: Principal Investigator

CYCORE: CYberinfrastructure for COmparative effectiveness Research
UC2 CA148263   Peterson (PI) 9/30/2009-8/31/2013 
Major goals: To establish a consortium of investigators with specific expertise in cybertechnology and broad expertise in cancer-related trials that span prevention, treatment and survivorship
Role: Co-Investigator

Improving Retention to Care in HIV Infected Postpartum Women
NA   Bell (PI) 9/1/2011-8/31/2013 
Cheves and Isabella Smythe Foundation
To investigate factors associate with poor treatment adherence among HIV-positive postpartum women
Role: Consultant

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding Factors Associated with Cervical Cancer Screening Utilization among Low-Income, HIV-Positive Women
R25 CA57730   Chang (PI) 1/1/2012-8/1/2013 
The goal of this study is to assess factors associated with cervical cancer screening among a sample of women with HIV (competitively awarded fellowship through an external review process).
Role: Primary Mentor to Dr. Fletcher (fellowship)