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Surgical Pathology

Barbara L. Bane, MD, Director (ET & Presby)
Elizabeth Gillies, MD, Interim Associate Director (ET & Presby)
Jan V. Pitha, MD, PhD, Chief (VAMC)

Our Surgical Pathology faculty have service responsibilities at each of the four hospitals (Everett Tower, Children's Hospital, Presbyterian Tower, and Veterans Administration Medical Center) on the OUHSC campus.  Surgical Pathology faculty members provide a wide range of pathology expertise, especially pathology of the human breast, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal, prostate, brain, muscle and nerve, head and neck, and the hematopoetic system.  

The latest developments in immunocytochemistry are included in the Histology Laboratory, including tumor proliferation markers and the molecular genetics of brain tumors.  Electron microscopy is provided as an essential test in disorders of the kidney, tumors of all kinds, and muscle and nerve disorders.  The faculty includes a board-certified hematopathologist, three board-certified neuropathologists, and one pathologist with fellowship training in renal pathology.

Surgical Pathology Faculty

Barbara Bane, MD

Surgical/Geritourinary Pathology

Kar-Ming Fung, MD


Elizabeth Gillies, MD

Surgical/Cardiovascular/Head and Neck Pathology

William F. Kern, MD

Surgical/Hematopathology/Renal Pathology

Cheng Z. Liu, MD, PhD

Surgical/Head and Neck Pathology

Jan V. Pitha, MD, PhD

Anatomic/GI/Cardiovascular Pathology

Ravi Sawh, MD

Anatomic (VAMC)

Jian T. Yang, MD, PhD

Surgical Pathology/Molecular Pathology

Roy R. Zhang, MD

Surgical Pathology