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Samis Educational Center Auditorium


Grand Rounds

Date: 5/4/2022
           Guides on the Journey: Tailored support for children with neurological disease
           Lauren L. Treat, MD
           Interim Medical Director, Section of Palliative Medicine
           Assistant Professor of Pediatrics | Child Neurology and Palliative Medicine
           Children's Hospital of Colorado
           Jackson William Cook Memorial Lecture
           Invited by: Chairman's Office/Hospitalists
           OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 5/11/2022
           The Impact of Implementing an X+Y Schedule in a Pediatric Residency Program: a Focus Group Study AND
           Standardizing the CLABSI Protocol in Pediatric Failure Patients at Oklahoma Children's Hospital AND
           Description of Dexmedetomidine Dosing in Neonates and its Impact on the Cardiovascular System
           Jenna R. Sahli, DO
           Christina M. Meenan, DO
           Ivonne E. Sierra-Strum, MD
           PGY-3 Pediatrics Residents
           Invited by: Pediatric Residency Program
           OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 5/18/2022
           Primary Hypertension in Children: What We Know and What We Don't
           Ikuyo Yamaguchi, MD, PhD
           Associate Professor of Pediatrics, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
           Chief of Pediatric Nephrology, Oklahoma Children's Hospital at OU Health
           CHF Paul and Ann Milburn Endowed Chair in Nephrology
           Invited by: Pediatric Nephrology
           OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 5/25/2022
           Procedural Sedation Practices in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
           The Role of Innate-Like T Cells in Bacterial Infections
           Loretta Parker, DO
           Kari Galipp, DO
           Pediatric Hem/Onc Fellows
           Invited by: Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
           OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 6/15/2022
           Late Consequences of Preterm Birth: Growing into New Cardiopulmonary Diseases
           Kara N. Goss, MD
           Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
           Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
           UT Southwestern
           Invited by: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
           OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
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