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Child Study Center

The Child Study Center has many programs and clinical services/research available, which include:

  • A Better Chance - a program for infants and children who were exposed to drugs and/or alcohol before birth.
  • Individual Therapy and Assessment - a program that provides therapy and assessment services for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or another serious trauma or loss.
  • Jump Start Developmental Clinic - to help families and care providers understand the developmental and behavioral strengths and challenges faced by young children suspected of having developmental delays.
  • LEND - a program that prepares students for leadership roles as professionals with interdisciplinary skills to support community-based partnerships with professional colleagues, clients, and families.
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy - a short-term, specialized behavior management program designed for young children experiencing behavioral and/or emotional difficulties and their families. 
  • Oklahoma Autism Center - assists local school districts in the implementation of effective programs for children with disabilities.
  • Sooner SUCCESS - Serves families and providers that care for a child with special needs from birth to age 21 with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, emotional/behavioral Issues, developmental delays/disabilities, learning disabilities, abuse or neglect.
  • Clinical Research - provides new or most current medical treatments for patients who may have a neurodevelopmental or behavioral condition such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disability, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder,Autism, etc.
  • Neuropsychology Clinic - provides services to children and adolescents with known or suspected neurological disorders as well as those with neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism, Asperger's, dyslexia, severe communication disorders, etc.)
  • Developmental/Behavioral Consultation Services - a service to assist SoonerCare providers with referrals and resources.


For applicants interested in the Developmental and Behavioral Fellowship at OUHSC, please visit the Fellowship page.