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TrialNet is a study screening relatives of people with Type 1 Diabetes to find out if any family member is at risk for developing diabetes themselves.  It involves a blood draw to test for the presence of diabetes related autoantibodies that may appear before Type 1 Diabetes develops.

Those eligible to participate:

  • Must be between 2 and 45 years of age
  • First-degree relative (sibling, child or parent) of the person with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Second-degree relative between 2 and 20 years of age (cousin, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, grandparent or half-sibling) of the person with Type 1 Diabetes

The screening study has helped us understand the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes using tests of specific antibodies related to Type 1 diabetes.  This has allowed TrialNet to expand into clinical research.  Drugs like Abatacept and Hydroxycholorquine may help prevent or delay the start of Type 1 diabetes in those who are at highest risk, and the clinical research done in our Section will help provide that information.

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