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OU College of Medicine Alumni Association

The College of Medicine Alumni Association supports a number of initiatives to encourage alumni engagement, enhance the medical student experience and promote the profession. In addition to hosting the Annual Evening of Excellence and Reunion Days, the Association participates in a number of student organizations and events including the White Coat Ceremony, Orientation activities, and StAT (Student Alumni in Training), an organization that fosters the student/alumni relationship.

The College of Medicine Alumni Board meets twice a year, with the Annual Board Meeting during the spring Reunion. For additional information about the Alumni Board of to express an interest in serving on the board, please contact Lindsey Manning, Director of Alumni by email or at 405-271-2353

Founded in 1938, the purpose of the OU College of Medicine Alumni Association is to unite the alumni and the College as well as other Oklahoma physicians into a compact, harmonious and worthwhile organization.

The specific objectives of the Association are: 

  1. To promote, support, and stimulate beneficial interest in the College of Medicine of the University of Oklahoma and its associated Health Sciences Center on the part of alumni members, higher education boards and agencies, government officials, health professions, civic leaders, public information media, and the general public.
  2. The Association will sustain cooperating liaison with the Executive Dean of the College of Medicine, Provost of the Health Sciences Center, and others in pursuit of the objectives of the association and will assist in other ways customary of alumni in aiding and advancing their alma mater institution.
  3. To receive and maintain a fund or funds to (a) facilitate improved education and training of physicians; and (b) advance and expand the benefits of medical research, thereby enhancing the quality of health care throughout the state.
  4. To support programs for the students of the College of Medicine and promote their active participation in the Alumni Association upon their graduation.


Don L. Wilber, M.D. ‘78
Vice President:
Jason S. Lees, M.D. ‘98
Mary Zoe Baker, M.D. ‘82
Oklahoma City
Immediate Past President:
Sherri S. Baker, M.D. ‘95
Oklahoma City


M. Dewayne Andrews, M.D. ‘70
Oklahoma City
Jay P. Cannon, M.D. ‘70
Oklahoma City
Jonathan E. Drummond, M.D. ‘92
Aaron Farrow, M.D. 2010
Don Garrett, M.D. '68
Robin E. Germany, M.D. ‘98
Hopkins, MN
BreeAnna Gibson Bohanan, M.D. '08
Oklahoma City
David W. Harris, M.D. ‘83
Tulsa, OK
Ed Legako, M.D. ‘78
Lawton, OK
Lee E. Schoeffler, M.D. ‘70
Tulsa, OK
Leon S. Serchuk, M.D. ‘82
Glen Head, NY
Julie Strebel Hager, M.D. '98
Oklahoma City
Nicole Tran, M.D. ‘08
Oklahoma City
Ryan Wicks, M.D. ‘10
Edmond, OK
Kersey L. Winfree, M.D. ‘85
Oklahoma City

Past Presidents

William Bernhardt, M.D. ‘58
Oklahoma City
Don Garrett, M.D. ‘68
Norman, OK
Julie Strebel Hager, M.D. ‘98
Oklahoma City
Carl Hook, M.D. ‘70
Norman, OK
Gary Strebel, M.D. ‘65
Hopkins, MN
Robert Weedn, M.D. ‘67
Duncan, OK
Ken Whittington, M.D. ‘68
Tulsa, OK