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Educational Technology

Desire to Learn (D2L)

D2L is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides online access to course related academic materials and organization sites. Faculty, staff, and student leaders can post Office documents, PDF files, and pictures. Additional academic tools are also available such as Dropbox for assignment files, Grades posted online, online tests/ surveys/ self-assessments. The use of a D2L site is optional for all courses so students should check with the course faculty or student organization leaders for more information on available D2L sites during each semester.

For assistance with Desire to Learn for Faculty and Students, please contact Shae Mayes at 405-271-933 Ext. 2 or Danielle Summers at 271-9333 Ext. 8 in the Office of Medical Education or through email at or


Mediasite captures video of the presenter and images from a computer (PowerPoint slides, web browser, application, etc.) and synchronizes the presentation of both media elements in a single web browser. Advanced functions allow you to attach documents to your final recording, perform system-wide searches of video, metadata and indexed slides, and conduct interactive polling and Q&A for live webcasts.

For assistance with Mediasite for Faculty and Students, please e-mail: