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Admissions Process

Application Procedure

The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Persons applying to the MD program should begin the application process during the spring or summer a year in advance of the time they wish to be admitted. 

All applicants are required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The MCAT must be taken no later than the fall of the year in which the application is filed. 

The AAMC PREview™ will be recommended, not required, starting in the 2023-2024 cycle. We will hold these scores separately to be used for research purposes, but they will NOT be used for evaluation of the 2023-2024 cycle. 

Letters of recommendation are required to complete an application. These may either be a premedical committee letter and one faculty letter, or three faculty letters. Our definition of a faculty letter is one written by a college/university faculty member who has instructed you at the college/university level. These letters should be submitted through AMCAS Letters as part of the AMCAS application. Additional letters of recommendation may also be submitted by the applicant but are not required.

A link to our supplemental application is emailed to all applicants by the College of Medicine Admissions Office after the preliminary application material has been received from AMCAS. A non-resident of Oklahoma applicant who has close ties to Oklahoma should carefully document these ties on the supplemental application. A nonrefundable application fee of $85.00 is required to be submitted electronically with the submission of the supplemental application. Applicants receiving an AMCAS fee waiver will receive a College of Medicine application fee waiver.

The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine has two educational tracks; the OU Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) in Oklahoma City and  the OU School of Community Medicine (OUSCM) in Tulsa. Applicants interested in applying to the OUSCM track will be required to complete additional questions specific to the OUSCM on the supplemental application.

Applicants currently enrolled in a graduate degree program are required to submit a letter from the program director or chair of the department which states the applicant is in good standing and that they are supportive of the application.

Applicants applying to the joint MD/PhD program will be contacted separately and provided with information regarding the MD/PhD supplemental application. .

All successful applicants will be interviewed by the Admissions Board in Oklahoma City and offered a position in the Oklahoma City educational track. Successful OUSCM applicants will receive an additional interview with the OUSCM and if offered a position in both educational tracks, the final track selection will be made by the applicant.


The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education require that all applicants be U.S. citizens or hold a permanent visa and have a minimum of 90 semester hours. All eligible applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum total score of 492 on the MCAT. These scores are not considered competitive, however. MCAT score must be within two years of application date.  The following courses are required with a letter grade of “C” or better:

1 semester General Zoology/Biology with Laboratory
1 semester Genetics, Cellular Biology, or Molecular Biology (your choice)
2 semesters English
2 semesters General Chemistry
2 semesters Organic Chemistry
2 semesters Physics
3 semesters Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, or Humanities (any combination)

Pass/Fail grading, advanced placement and CLEP courses are accepted if a subsequent higher course is taken for a grade.

In addition, it is recommended applicants take the following courses:

1 semester Biochemistry
1 semester A writing-intensive English course*

* A writing-intensive course should include instructional objectives and graded assignments that are designed to enhance college-level writing skills.

Basis of Selection

Admissions decisions are based on an applicant’s indications and probabilities of successfully completing medical school, intellectual ability, academic achievement, character, motivation, and maturity. The assessment utilizes college grades, MCAT scores, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and results of the required interview.

Intellectual ability and academic achievement alone are not sufficient to assure the professional development and commitment required of a physician. Traits of personality, maturity, interesting or diverse backgrounds, and character are necessary to communicate warmth and compassion and to work effectively in a profession dependent upon interpersonal relationships, cross cultural appreciation, and high ethical behavior. To accomplish the required objectives, candidates for the M.D. degree must have specific abilities and skills.

Students admitted to the freshman class, entering in 2022, had a grade point average of 3.81 and an average total MCAT of 508. The class has 46 percent women and a minority representation of 36 percent.


Interview requirements are based on the competitiveness of the current applicant pool. All applicants selected for final consideration will be interviewed VIRTUALLY between October and February by members of the Admissions Board. The College of Medicine endeavors to have a class selected by March 1st. It should be emphasized that an invitation for an interview does not signify acceptance for admission.

Useful documents for the day of your interview:

Technical Standards

Technical standards for Medical School Admission, Retention, Promotion, and Graduation can be found in College of Medicine Policy number 203.