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MD Program Academic Requirements

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

The requirements for the MD degree are established by the OU College of Medicine faculty. Students must successfully complete all coursework according to the formal curriculum and satisfy all academic requirements as outlined in college policy 401. Students must comply with other applicable university policies and college policies (see especially sections 300 and 400 in the College of Medicine Policy Manual).

No student shall graduate without the recommendation of the College of Medicine faculty.

Other MD Program Requirements

Medical students are required to adhere to and comply with student policies which include but are not limited to student health requirements (including immunization requirements—as stated in policy 309), maintenance of training certification, and examination regulations located in the College of Medicine Policy Manual and the OUHSC Faculty Handbook.

Curriculum, Academic Calendar and Related Resources

The resources listed below provide information regarding the MD program curriculum (for all curricular options), academic calendar, preclinical curriculum course schedules, and clinical curriculum rotation schedules.
Academic Calendars & Curriculum Overviews

Course and Clerkship Descriptions

The catalogs listed below provide a comprehensive listing of preclinical and clinical curriculum courses (including course descriptions, contact information, site location, etc.)

Professional Enrichment (INDT 8001)
For additional opportunities to pursue clinical experiences, please complete the Professional Enrichment INDT  8001 form and return to the College of Medicine Office of Student Affairs.