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OU College of Medicine Diversity Alliance Task Force

Diversity Alliance Task Force (2)

Vision, Mission, and Core Values Statements


The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine (OUCOM) is committed to advancing diversity at all levels.  OUCOM recognizes that the inclusion of talented individuals from different backgrounds benefits medical education, patient care, population health, and scientific discovery.


The OUCOM Diversity Alliance envisions an enhanced institutional culture where equity and diversity are:

  1. Integrated into the work and lives of every student, faculty, and staff member.
  2. Recognized as core values, and will inform thinking, policies, and practices throughout the institution.
  3. Inherently intertwined with academic excellence and the development of leaders for a globally inclusive society.


In keeping with OU Medicine’s mission “Leading Health Care – in patient care, education, and research…,” the OUCOM Diversity Alliance seeks to leverage the transformative power of equity and diversity through pathway programs, mentorship, faculty recruitment, research, and community engagement for the advancement of excellence in healthcare, medical education, and health equity for all residents in the state of Oklahoma.

Core Values

OUCOM Diversity Alliance’s commitment to diversity and inclusion drives and grounds our work and conduct so that everything we do continuously fosters excellence through shared responsibility for:

Access, Equity, and Success: Increase access, equity, and success by attracting, retaining, and ensuring the success of all students, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds to an environment where all have the opportunity to thrive at the University and beyond.

Community: Create equitable and collaborative partnerships to better work together within and outside the University towards shared goals.

Education and Learning: Enhance and increase learning development through promoting diversity in the formal and informal curricula.

Sustainable Transformation: Engage in continuous individual and leadership reflection and collaboration through education to build a supportive psychological and behavioral climate supportive of all students, faculty, and staff as well as campus stakeholders.

Accountability: Measure and evaluate progress towards realization of the vision for equity, diversity, excellence, and inclusivity.  Identify and remove barriers to achieving this vision.

Constitution and Bylaws

Article 1. INTENT

It is the intent of the OU COM Assistant Dean for Diversity, together with the Executive Dean, that the underrepresented minority faculty, residents, fellows, students and supportive administrative and executive leaders form a task force to address racial and ethnic disparities as it pertains to medical school, residency and fellowship entry, faculty recruitment within the College of Medicine and Oklahoma healthcare at large.

Article 2. NAME

The name of this organization shall be “Diversity Alliance Task Force”, hereinafter “DATF.”

Article 3. PURPOSE

The OU COM DATF was established on March 6, 2019 to leverage the transformative power of equity and diversity through pathway programs, mentorship, faculty recruitment, research, and community engagement for the advancement of excellence in healthcare, medical education, and health equity for all residents in the state of Oklahoma.


A. Membership

The membership of the DATF shall consist of OU COM Assistant Dean for Diversity, underrepresented minority faculty physicians, medical students, residents, fellows, and OUHSC executive and administrative leaders.

B. Selection

Members of the DATF shall be selected via member or self-nomination and acknowledged by organizational leadership. Members must be committed to supporting the mission, vision, and core value statements of the organization.

C. Term of Service


D.  Officers

DATF officers shall include the Chair and Subcommittee Chairs.

1. DATF Chair Selection and Duties

DATF Chair position shall be selected every two (2) years by the DATF and filled when vacancies occur. The Chair shall serve as the official spokesperson for the DATF. The Chair shall preside over all meetings of the DATF.  The Chair will collaborate with the OU COM Assistant Dean for Diversity and the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement (ODICE).

2. Subcommittee Chairs

Subcommittee chairs shall serve as official spokespersons for their respective subcommittee.  They will give a report regarding their initiatives at DATF meetings.  If the subcommittee chair is unable to attend a meeting, it is their responsibility to arrange reporting by a fellow subcommittee member or the chair of DATF.

E. Representatives

Representatives to the DATF shall consist of two (2) medical students and two (2) residents/fellows.  Representatives shall be selected via DATF member or self-nomination and acknowledged by the organizational leadership. Representatives shall be voting members of the DATF.  Representatives shall 1) advocate for students and post-graduate trainees of OU College of Medicine 2) share relevant perspectives, feedback, and ideas with the DATF and 3) share DATF events, opportunities, and initiatives with their respective peers and introduce interested students to the DATF.

Article 5. MEETINGS

A. Regular and Special Meetings

The DATF shall meet monthly.  Special DATF meetings may be called by the DATF chair, OU COM Assistant Dean for Diversity, Executive Dean, Provost, President or Board of Regents.

B. Voting

      Voting shall be conducted by simple majority of the full voting membership.

Article 6. QUORUM

A minimum of at least one-half (1/2) of the DATF subcommittee chairs and at least one (1) medical student or one (1) resident/fellow physician must be present to constitute a quorum. A student or resident/fellow must be present to conduct official voting business of the DATF.

Article 7. Parliamentary Authority

The parliamentary authority shall be the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.


Once approved by the DATF, the constitution and bylaws shall be maintained on the website of the ODICE. The constitution and bylaws shall be reviewed by the Policy and Procedures Subcommittee 1) as indicted or requested and 2) every four (4) years.

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