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A vibrant medical school is critical for Oklahoma’s continuing development and success in medical education, biomedical research and healthcare. The OU College of Medicine is dedicated to being a leader and advancing the frontiers in each of these areas.

Every year over 2,000 individuals apply to OU College of Medicine. We interview approximately 300 applicants each year. Our typical class has 165 students, 40-45% women, 36% minority and a wide range of ages and backgrounds. We encourage student diversity, accepting students with undergraduate backgrounds in arts, sciences and humanities.

College of Medicine students receive an education that is steeped in the triad of academic medicine- education, research and patient care and enter their careers well-positioned to make a difference in people’s lives through both skill and compassion.

College of Medicine Brochure

The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

AMCAS application website

A message for applicants regarding the COVID 19 Pandemic and its impact on OU College of Medicine Admissions:

We are currently considering implications from the COVID 19 pandemic and how this situation might impact admissions requirements and processes for the 2020-2021 application cycle and beyond.  The OU College of Medicine Admissions Board and Leadership will be reviewing guidance from the AAMC and working with our university partners to make informed decisions that will best serve applicants and the OUCOM jointly.  Please check back here for updates.  

Medical Experiences during COVID-19

Insight from an Admissions Board Member 

We are aware of the disruptive effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on your process of applying to medical school, including the loss of shadowing experiences. However, the pandemic can also offer opportunity to applicants as they seek to demonstrate their understanding of medical practice.


We recommend you read books and articles comparing the US healthcare system to systems in other countries, listen to podcasts on health policy and consider issues as they relate to health effects on patients and society. Come to your interview prepared to reflect on what the pandemic revealed about the strengths and weaknesses of the US healthcare system, its political systems, its inherent social disparities and other issues that affect patients and society.


Consider the following examples:

  • Why is medical debt the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US, and not in other countries? How did the response to COVID-19 reveal this?
  • What factors may make the COVID-19 crisis so much worse for men and for people of color? What impact do health behaviors, low socioeconomic status, structural racism or other issues have  on life expectancy and survival in the US?
  • Why were some countries able to flatten the curve so much better than others? What is the balance between personal responsibility and personal freedom in a public health crisis?
  • Why were some countries able to test millions of individuals, and the US suffered delays and shortages of testing supplies?

Update from the AAMC regarding MCAT Test Dates

After reviewing state and local guidance, the AAMC and Pearson VUE have determined we are able to deliver the MCAT exam safely and in compliance with local requirements at this time. We will resume MCAT testing in all U.S. and Canadian locations on 6/19 and 6/20. We notified students yesterday that their exams will continue as scheduled. We anticipate that testing will continue going forward, but we will be monitoring the health and safety guidance closely through September.

The AAMC’s decisions about when to cancel or hold exams are informed by medical education and infectious disease experts in addition to the local advisories. We have worked with Pearson VUE to put in place rigorous health and safety measures at test centers to protect examinees. These include social distancing between workstations, during check-in, and in the common areas. Test center staff will conduct enhanced disinfecting procedures of workstations and equipment as well as the common areas and check-in points. All examinees and test center staff are required to wear masks. Gloves will be optional and hand sanitizer and tissues will be made available. You can read more about these health and safety precautions on Pearson VUE’s website.

Students will continue to have the option during this testing year to reschedule their exam at no cost or cancel it for a full refund in the MCAT Registration System. We are encouraging students to make the testing decision they feel most comfortable with and reminding them that there are plenty of available appointments across the remaining dates. If they prefer to test later this year, there are more than 14,000 appointments in June and July and more than 60,000 appointments in August and September.  

Pass/Fail Grades

Pass/Fail Grades – The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine will accept Pass/Fail grades for courses (including prerequisites) taken Spring semester 2020.  

For Clarification: We will accept a Passing (P) grade Spring 2020 where typically, for all other semesters, Pass/Fail grading, advanced placement and CLEP courses are accepted only if a subsequent higher course is taken for a grade.

Guidance on Grading and Transcript Notations in the AMCAS Application


If you would like to meet with an admissions representative, we can set up a virtual advisement session via Zoom. Please contact Candice Teets, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator, to set up an advisement session for you.


Open Meeting Information

Open Meeting Information:

The next open meeting will be held virtually on May 5th, 2021 at 5:30 pm CST.


Agenda- May 5th

Registration for this meeting: 

Application Process

For more information on applying to the College of Medicine, click on the Application Process button.


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