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OU College of Medicine 
The College of Medicine is the largest component of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and is at the center of OU Medicine. Our mission is leading health care - in education, research and patient care.
OU Physicians
As the clinical practice of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, OU Physicians providers perform a variety of roles​: treating patients, conducting medical research and training the doctors of the future.

Medical Education Programs
The OU College of Medicine offers robust undergraduate and graduate medical education programs, along with a variety of community service opportunities, designed to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s skilled and compassionate health care leaders.

  • Undergraduate Medical Education 
  • The OU College of Medicine has conferred the Doctor of Medicine degree to more than 10,000 graduates since the College’s official founding in 1910.
  • Graduate Medical Education 
  • In addition to conferring the Doctor of Medicine degree, the OU College of Medicine offers residencies and fellowships in numerous specialties and subspecialties
  • Physician Associate, Dual-Degrees and Graduate Research Programs  
    Beyond the traditional medical degree, the OU College of Medicine offers a robust biomedical research education program, a competitive Physician Associate program and other dual degrees to meet students’ unique interests and goals.
  • Community Service  
    In addition to attending lectures and completing their rotations, students in the OU College of Medicine are dedicated to community service. Students give back to their community, state and world through a variety of programs and opportunities, strengthening their desire to enter the health profession.
Harold Hamm Diabetes Center 
Harold Hamm Diabetes Center is one of the nation’s top comprehensive centers for diabetes research, patient care, education and prevention. Physicians, researchers, educators and professionals collaborate across disciplines to serve patients and gain ground against the epidemic of diabetes and its complications.
Dean McGee Eye Institute 
The Dean McGee Eye Institute serves all Oklahomans and the global community through excellence and leadership in patient care, education and vision research. Through their skill, dedication and compassion, faculty and staff have led DMEI to become one of the nation’s largest and most respected eye institutes.