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OU Family Medicine - Oklahoma City


Campus overview

Mission Statement 

The goal of the OU Family Medicine residency is to provide an educational experience that prepares the resident to be a competent family physician capable of providing high quality comprehensive and coordinated care to a broad range of patients and families. The resident's educational experience emphasizes the competencies and skills needed to practice family medicine of high quality in the community following the model of the Patient Centered Medical Home. Residents will become sufficiently familiar with the specialized fields of medicine to enable them to participate as team members in the care of patients with chronic and complex disorders. Residents will work with other members of the health care team in both in-patient and ambulatory settings, learning to become competent as leaders in the organization and management of patient-and family-centered medical care. Over the three years of training, residents strive to achieve competency in the family medicine milestones.


  • Attract residents who are interested in practicing full spectrum family medicine in Oklahoma and beyond, including rural, suburban and urban practices.
  • Provide residents with additional training in areas of expertise of the OU Health Sciences Center—sports medicine, palliative care, geriatrics and pediatrics.
  • Partner with FQHC's and other clinics providing outstanding care to under-served populations to allow residents to learn special needs of these populations.
  • Provide residents with practice management skills, particularly in the Patient Centered Medical Home, so that they will be able to use these skills in their future practice.
  • The OU FM Residents will adopt a philosophy of lifelong learning as emulated by all OU faculty.

Residency Details

The Department of Family and Preventive Medicine is a full spectrum residency program that provides exemplary academic and clinical training to foster not just physicians but integral members of the community. We are located in the heart of Oklahoma City where our residents are able to learn and work side by side with the worlds’ leading specialties. We also offer in house fellowships, with opportunities to many more.

The Department of Family and Preventive Medicine offers medical and physician associate students several opportunities for research and expanding their knowledge-base for medical care.