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Andriy Yabluchanskiy, MD, PhD

Andriy Yabluchanskiy, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor


  • MD 2006 V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • PhD 2012  University College London (United Kingdom)
  • Cardiovascular Research and Aging Post Doctoral Fellowship, University of Texas Health Sciences Center

Clinical/Research Interests:

Dr. Yabluchanskiy’s work is focused on the cardio- and microvascular complications of aging. His unique combination of expertise in neuroscience, cardiovascular pathophysiology, and aging allowed him to initiate a research program focusing on the understudied and clinically important role of microvascular mechanisms in the development of vascular cognitive impairment. His laboratory utilizes a broad spectrum of techniques including methods to investigate cerebromicrovascular function, measure cerebral blood flow, and characterize cognitive function in animal models of age-related diseases. Recently, Dr. Yabluchanskiy established a Translational Geroscience Laboratory, in which he is currently performing several clinical studies focused on the relationship between neurovascular mechanisms and cognitive impairment in aging and age-related diseases.

Select Publications:

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