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Prospectus: COVID-19 Effect on Clinical Examination Scores: Has Virtual Learning Affected Medical Student OBGYN OSCE Scores?

Resident: Victoria Biach, MD

Faculty Advisor: Alexandra Regens, MD


On March 13th the AAMC made the unprecedented decision to recommend the removal of medical students from clinical clerkships. At the time it was recommended for a minimum of 6-8 weeks1. Student’s at OU-HSC were removed from clinical rotations for six weeks. Per cross sectional study with 741 medical student, 74.7% respondents overall agreed their medical education had been significantly disrupted by COVID-19 and 61.4% felt their interruption from clinical rotations interfered with their ability to develop skills needed to prepare for residence.2 This raises the question of how did the virtual nature of clinical rotations affect the performance of students on the OBGYN OSCE examination. The hypothesis is students prior to virtual clinicals will have higher OSCE scores than students with clinical rotations affected by the pandemic.


This is a retrospective review of all students at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) who completed the OBGYN OSCE examination during the years of 2018-2022. Data will be analyzed by calculating chi-square tests for each comparison in order to report the percentage with the p-value for the difference in proportions.

Results / Conclusions

The data is currently being analyzed with the above statistical analysis. The goal is for the project to be complete in Fall of 2023.