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Prospectus: Association of HPV-Related Disease and Recommendation for Vaccination for Family Members

Resident: Emily Armour, MD

Faculty Advisor: Katie Smith, MD, MS


Introduction: HPV vaccination rates in the US remain well below the Healthy People 2020 goal. Many studies have been done to examine reasons for vaccine hesitancy and improve the likelihood of vaccine recommendation by health care providers through educational efforts. Similarly, parents and caregivers have been the subjects of studies examining vaccine refusal or hesitancy as well as which interventions might improve vaccination rates in the US.

Hypothesis: We hypothesize that females being treated for HPV related disease will have a positive attitude toward HPV vaccination and be highly likely to recommend the vaccine to their family members.

Importance of research: This information could identify a population to target in order to increase the overall vaccination rate in the US and patients with HPV related disease could be used as advocates for vaccination in their communities.



Results / Conclusions

Study is ongoing.