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COVID 19 Updates and Resources


The pandemic has affected the country in a dramatic and tragic fashion since March 2020. The experience that we have had as a program in the heart of Oklahoma State has been very fortunate compared to our peers across the country and even with the programs in our region.

  •  The caseloads have risen to normal levels after a dip in the month of April. All our graduating residents in June had very robust numbers.
  • None of our rotations were altered and none of our residents were pressed into emergency ICU rotations.
  • The Residents (all anesthesia personnel) were provided with full PPE including PAPRs which were stored in designated areas for anesthesia personnel. For a short period in April/May we had a designated Airway call that was led by an Attending physician. The residents were provided with a video as well as in person demonstration of donning and doffing of available PPE.
  • All didactic were seamlessly converted to Zoom based meetings with no loss of lectures/learning session. Mock orals were conducted by zoom and mock Practical exams were conducted in person with proper social distancing, masks and hand hygiene. We even had a Graduation ceremony for our departing CA 3s with appropriate safeguards and Family participation via zoom!

Click here for more information on the OU Health Sciences Center COVID-19 Updates, Resources and Response Plan.