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Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP)

The Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (“SOAP”) provides a uniform system for programs to offer unfilled positions to eligible unmatched or partially matched applicants through a series of offer rounds during Match Week. Only those applicants certified by the NRMP to participate in SOAP will be able to apply to NRMP unfilled programs using ERAS.

Monday of Match Week - SOAP Begins

  • Applicants learn if you matched (email notification and in R3 system). Applicants who are unmatched will be contacted by the Dean’s Office.
  • Applicants participating in SOAP can start preparing and sending applications in AAMC’s ERAS. Applicants cannot communicate with programs until contacted by programs.

Tuesday through Thursday of SOAP

  • Programs begin viewing SOAP applications in AAMC’s ERAS system and may contact applicants upon receipt of an application. No offers or commitments allowed outside R3 system.
  • Applicants and programs continue to communicate by program-initiated communication.
  • Programs begin creating SOAP preference lists in the R3 system. Students do not submit a preference or rank order list for SOAP.

Students are unable to apply to programs during Offer Rounds in ERAS, but may continue to apply to programs during periods between Offer Rounds (1 hour).

  • SOAP Offer Round 1-4: Applicants begin receiving offers. Applicants accept or reject offers via the R3 system. List of Unfilled Programs is updated at the end of each round. All unmatched applicants can contact programs directly about remaining unfilled positions.

If an applicant rejects an offer or allows an offer to expire then no further offers will be made to that applicant by the same program.

Once an applicant accepts an offer then the applicant will not be able to send additional applications via ERAS. Offers extended by programs and accepted by applicants during SOAP will create a binding commitment. Failure to honor that commitment or failure to adhere to SOAP policies will be a violation of the “Match Participation Agreement.”