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Prospectus: Characterization of Patients Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer After Age 65

Resident: Jaime Kiff, MD

Faculty Advisor: Laura Holman, MD, MS


As many as 20% of incident cervical cancer diagnoses occur in patients 65 or older. It is uncertain whether these patients have either had inadequate cervical cancer screening and, thus, preventable cancer, or they have developed cervical cancer after 65 despite adequate cervical cancer screening according to the current guidelines. This study is designed to characterize patients who are diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 65 or older to guide future research to prevent cervical cancer in this population.


Cases from 2000-2020 will be retrospectively reviewed. Demographic, pathologic, and clinical information will be collected without patient identifiers. Patients diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 65 or older between the years 2000 and 2020 will be included.

Results / Conclusions

Results from data are expected in 2024.